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hatchet fish species


New Member
5 Year Member
hello everybody

i have a non cichlid question for today :)
how many species of hatchets exist ? i have only found two but saw photos that show more species
are there more than two ?

thank's , Nick

ed seeley

Staff member
5 Year Member
Well there are two Carnegiella species commonly seen, C.strigata (Marbled Hatchetfish) and C,marthae (Black-winged Hatchet) and a number of larger Silver species in Thoracocharax and Gasteropelecus. Plus even larger species that look like semi-hatchets with less pronounced sternums.

Mike Wise

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5 Year Member
There are 3 genera of hatchetfish family Gasteropelicidae:

Carnegiella with 4 species: C. marthae, C. myersi, C. schereri, and C. strigata with 2 subspecies (C. s. strigata & C. s. fasciata) and several geographic forms.

Gasteropelecus with 3 species: G. levis, G. maculatus, and G. sternicla.

Thoracocharax with 2 species: T. securis and T. stellatus.

This is from a wonderful site belonging to Rainer Massmann called Das Salmlernetz (The Tetra Net): http://www.salmlernetz.de. It is one of the best website on a group of fish out there, on par with planet-catfish, and cichlidroom companion. The only problem for most of you is that it is only in German.