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New Member
Take a look at the article on Dwarf Cichlid Nutrition in the site.
What you get depends on what is available. Frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia are often available at your LFS(local fish store),
but you try others to see what your fish really eat with gusto. Many have parts of what Apistos need nutritionally, but it is a good idea to vary their diet. Good luck, Neil

Ron Gretz

Frozen Food

I have been feeding mine SFBB frozen blood worms and frozen plankton in the evening with some supplementing of shrimp pellets. The first time I fed the plankton, the apistos went nuts, chasing their tank mate gouramis off. They have settled down quite a bit though and feed fairly well with the other fish now that they are accustomed to them. I have tried frozen beef heart as well and they really seem to like that too.

In the morning I feed with Wardleys flake food and spirulina, but they don't seem too interested in the flakes.