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Dr. Paul Loiselle at the ACLC


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Saturday June 18th at 1:00PM at That Fish Place, Lancaster PA​
“Dwarf Cichlids†by Dr. Paul V. Loiselle​

Dr. Paul V. Loiselle is an accomplished aquarist of over twenty years experience. The internationally published author of numerous articles on the care and breeding of aquarium fishes. He was for many years a Contributing Editor for Freshwater and Marine Aquarium, the author of numerous books on tropical fish and one of the worlds foremost authorities on cichlids. Dr. Loiselle has his Master's degree from Occidental College in Los Angeles, and took his doctorate at the University of California at Berkeley. His professional background includes five years as a Peace Corps fisheries biologist in West Africa, where he carried out faunal and environmental impact surveys in Togo and Ghana. During the course of his career, Dr. Loiselle has had the opportunity to observe the behavior of cichlids in Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika, in Máxico and in Central America. A founding member and Fellow of the American Cichlid Association, he currently serves the A.C.A. as Technical Editor of its journal, Buntbarsche BulIetin, and as Chairman of the Special Publications Committee.

For more information: http://aclcpa.org