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Donation Program

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Please consider becoming an Apistogramma.com donor. As a donor you will not only be helping cover the ever-increasing cost of hosting and maintaining the forum; you will also be helping us raise money to support some other programs that we hope to begin in the next few months.

Support for Aquarium Societies
Aquarium societies need help, and Apistogramma.com wants to lend a financial hand. We will seek out club shows and offer to sponsor show classes. Until 2008 Apistogramma.com sponsored the dwarf cichlid classes at several regional and national shows. In 2008 those sponsorships had to take a back seat to paying to keep the forum running. With your donations we will ne sponsoring classes again.

Apistogramma.com will also be initiating a speaker program. This program will grant funds to local aquarium societies to offest the costs of hosting a dwarf cichlid speaker. The amount we can give depends upon the amount we have to donate. When we have some funds saved for this purpose we will invite clubs to apply for the money. Any club anywhere in the world for any speaker, so long as the topic is related to dwarf cichlids.

Support Aquariums in Education
As a former teacher I can tell you first hand two truths about aquariums in classrooms. First, the students love them... even the most unmotivated student will pay attention to the fish even when not paying attention to the teacher! Second, aquariums in classrooms are paid for out of the teachers' pockets. Dwarf cichlids are excellent choices for the classroom aquarium, and we can help put them there.

Donor Benefits
What is in it for you? Isn't knowing that you are supporting the forum community enough? :wink: Of course it is! However, here are a few things we will give in thanks for donating:

  • monthly drawings from gift certificates and merchandise from our generous sponsors
  • special avatars you can use to show your support
  • access to chat lectures at no cost (non donors will pay a fee to attend)
  • downloadable wallpaper images
  • expanded smileys
  • more!
Please Donate!
There is a donation button on the navigation bar above. The minimum donation is $10, but you are welcome to give more if you want to. Your donation is greatly appreciated.
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