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Dead Female :(


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I found one of my 2 female Cacatuoides laying dead on the sand this morning after introducing to my 75 gallon with 2 males last week. I’ve noticed this one was starting to take a beating yesterday, and was very inactive. She would be hiding under a leaf and a male would find her and just start nipping at her side, and she would just sit there and take it until I tapped on the glass to scare him away. The other female, however, is beginning to come up for food and actually runs and hides when chased.

Surprisingly, my smaller male does all the chasing and the larger male has been pretty relaxed.

So, do I need to remove one of the males now that I am down to one female? I’d like to try and find another female to add.
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Can you post a picture of the tank?

There are plenty of spots to hide under leaf litter and a few caves.


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I’m sorry a-little off topic but I love your tank!! What kind of drift wood is that?? If you don’t mind me asking?