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Colorful Species/Subspecies

Levin Tilghman

New Member
5 Year Member
Which species and subspecies are the most colorful? I'm referring to natural occuring rather than color mutations.


Active Member
5 Year Member
Almost all the wild agassizi color 'types' I have gotten have had a lot of nice color, especially in good light.
Panduros are nice too IMO.
How could I forget the A. bitaeniata 'rio tigre' ?!


Staff member
5 Year Member
My favorites for coloring and just spectacular colors in general are agassizi


Active Member
5 Year Member
for me my wild Bitaeniata shishita is very nicest compare to my other apistogramma.
IMG_6172 (Small).JPG


5 Year Member
I still can't believe how back in 1968/1969 that I paid no more than $0.25 each for A. bitaeniata in 25 lots wholesale.
Things have sure changed. I had difficulty selling them at $0.79 each retail back then.

A. agassizi are probably my favorite species. Especially the blue varieties.
The wild fish, that is.
A. cf agassizi Tefe' is perhaps my true favorite but they are harder to find and are expensive.