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Clever badis?


5 Year Member
Or just lucky?

I've been keeping a little colony of Badis ruber for a wee while. Not much to look at but fascinating all the same. Quite tame and easy to breed.

I had a trio in a tank next to a pair of A. hongsloi. On Saturday afternoon I noticed the female hongsloi had turned yellow and was hanging around the pot. A quick peek revealed a few eggs. Result!

On Saturday night I heard a bit of splashing (my PC is in my fish room) but thought nothing of it. I have some corys spawning and they can be quite frisky at times.

On Sunday I saw the female hongsloi at the front of the tank, no longer coloured up. Bummer I thought, she's eaten the eggs. I peered into the tank, and staring back at me from within the pot was a male badis!

Well that explained what the splashing was all about. There is a gap in each tank cover where the air line enters, maybe an inch square. In the case of these tanks the gaps are next to each other, so there is only the thickness of two tank sides to flip over. Still, the sides of the tanks are opaque so the badis can't have known what was on the other side. "Luck fella" I thought as I tipped him back into his own tank.

Monday morning arrives and I enter the fishroom and immediatley see the male badis at the front of the tank. The hongsloi's tank that is. He's done the leap of death again in the night. Absolutely incredible.

What are the chances of that happening by accident 2 nights in a row? Maybe he fancied another egg snack and jumped deliberately.

Whatever the case, I've moved him to a tank with a sealed lid all round. No more nocturnal wandering for this chap.

I've now named him Peregrine, for obvious reasons.