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Breeding problems?


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Hi there

I have recently acquired some Pelvicachromis species and one of them is the Pelvicachromis roloffi "Kolente River". I have separated a pair that I have noticed are getting broody and they are now in a tank of their own with a shoal of glowlight tetras. I am sure the pair have now spawned and it's now been 7 days since the event. I went to feed them today and noticed that the male is breathing heavy and the female is showing some distressed colours and outside the cave she laid eggs in. A couple of hours later, both are breathing normally but the female seems to be hiding behind a bogwood at the back of the tank. From these observations, I have come to the conclusion that they might have had a tiff. I know this is possible which is why I have added some tetras to divert their aggression away from each other.

My question is two-fold:
1 - Is there hope for the eggs?
2 - If they did had a fight, it seems that the tetras weren't successful in getting the aggression away from the pair. What would be a good dither fish to use to avoid this happening again?

I would like to add that they are in a 4 ft tank divided by a glass. They can see their nextdoor neighbours of Blue fins which they were trying to chase off when they were getting ready to spawn.

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Their area is decorated with bogwood and plants with 1 cave to spawn in.



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Well, I have some bad news. I checked them this morning and found that both fish have died.

Can anyone advice on what might be the cause?


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ammonia , dissolved oxygen
need more info on water parameters, circulation temperature etc

gill parasites , any flicking noticed?
other water borne toxins - insecticides, nicotine, heavy metals etc etc