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Breeding Nannacara anomala


5 Year Member
Breeding Nannacara anomala or in my case not breeding N anomala. I have heard they are easy to breed(add a male add a female and water and you have babies). This not working for me. The set up is a 20 gal. high with a glass cover. Filtration is an ATI Hydro-sponge filter. Decor is Driftwood, 2" PVC an 9" length, and upside down 4" clay pots with a hole punched in the side for cave access. Flora is Java Fern and Java moss. I keep no substrate in the tank. There is a 2" male and 4-1 1/4" females currently occuping this tank. They have been together for better than 9 months. I think they just like to mock me!! Suggestion Plaese!!:mad:

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Remove 2 or 3 females. My experiences are that N. anomala will breed in anything but liquid cement! All they need is good food and good water.