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Bolivian in quarantine - just calm or something wrong?


New Member
New bolivian ram in quarantine for a week now. I haven't seen him eat at all. Swims in place most of the time, periodically turning or going to the other side of the tank. Quarantine tank mate (a male Platy) is very active and eats.

The first day he was in quarantine he was pretty active, testing the boundaries of the tank but now, nothing....I can't tell if he is just chilling out or something is wrong. Almost a week of not eating as far as I can tell.

Tank is 0-.25 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5-10 nitrates. 77-78 degrees.

Wondering if he would do better or be more active if I moved him to the main tank.



New Member

I would monitor the situation, lethargy may be symptom of something not going well. I would check PH to be sure is stable, are you doing frequent water changes?

Does it have a swollen belly? not so clear from the picture

If possible try to distribute some bloodworms, never seen a fish not jumping on them



New Member
Thanks. It seems like he just wasn't happy in the small qt. He has been great since moving into the bigger tank. Eating a lot and definitely carving out his territory.