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Blood worms and Tubifex Worms


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No they are not. Bloodworms are not worms but red mosquito larvae, tubifex are actual worms.

Bloodworms are often bad quality, at least here in Europe you won't find many that feed them to their fish. What exactly causes the frequent losses in dwarf cichlids after feeding those is still not completely clear. Theories include allergens, contaminants, protein poisoning and others. None have been fully disproven yet. There are some that feed them without problems, you will likely find more people that can account losses to them without a doubt. (including me)

Tubifex are actual worms. They can carry diseases if fed live and be contaminated with pollutants if collected in the wild. Store bought frozen worms are usually safe, live ones always bear a slight risk.

Neither are staples. The mosquito larvae contain a too high percentage of protein in the protein/fat ratio, tubifex are packed with fat. Occasional feedings of the worms are ok. If you can establish a population in your tank they are a good long term food source.


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Wiltshire UK
Hi all,
I would keep away from commercially collected Bloodworms or Tubifex, you only get them in commercially viable amounts in grossly organically polluted water.

I culture Blackworms and "ranch" Bloodworms in clean water and have never had any issues.

Cheers Darrel

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