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BCA website's 2nd Birthday.....


5 Year Member
I would like to point out that today is the 2nd Birthday of the New look BCA website..We went live on the 17th feb 2010 with Andrew wood the first official member joining at 11.34pm.

Two years ago the BCA committee decided that the old website was simply not upto the job, it was badly designed, hardly used and neglected. A new website was deemed essential to the turn around of the BCA who's fortunes had fluctuated and was in decline.

At this time Andrew wood was in the committee position of cichlidae editor, the webmaster role was not a committee post and we changed that, made the webmaster a full committee member and Andrew moved across to become the new BCA webmaster. The current site is all his own hard work and we all owe Andrew a big round of applause for creating this website and forum that has become THE best place in the UK to talk about cichlids.

At the time of writing we are exactly two years old, we have 852 members and 28061 posts across 3580 threads... Compared to the last forum this is a astounding turnaround and id like to thank Andrew for his hard work and also everyone reading this that has joined the site and contributed to making the BCA a much larger, busier and stable association..

I predict great things for the future and this website/forum is the central hub we can build around..Long live the BCA



Staff member
5 Year Member
Congrats on the switch-over birthday - it sounds like the organization has really benefitted from the new site!