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Apistogramma viejita information


New Member
5 Year Member
Hiya guys n' gals..

I'm looking for some info on Viejita, but can't seem to find much in the way of a profile on the 'net.

Just looking for general stuff like water params, diet, breeding tips. Oh, and - I hear they're commonly mistaken for Macmasteri. Why?


Greg PL

New Member
5 Year Member
if at first you don't succeed - try harder. then try again. then give up and ask questions :) there's plenty of info on this forum (use "search") and all around in the net.
in general it's your standard apisto ;)

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
Information can be found in virtually and book on dwarf cichlids - & the Baensch Atlas, too. Basically it is not 'picky' about water as long as it is slightly acid & moderately soft. Wild specimens - which are rare in the hobby - typically do not like 'raw' water. They do better in well established tanks that get freqent partial water changes.