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Apistogramma for sale..UK only.


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Well after a few months of having some quite common fish in the fishroom(to help pay increasing energy costs over the cold months) im back at what i do best.. Apistogramma!!

Ive got a cracking stocklist at the moment, all fish are healthy and a good size, i have pairs of all fish available and a selection of wild and domestic fish..

For a full upto date stocklist with prices please email me on [email protected]

Red/Gold Microgeophagus ramerizi.. Several years ago i kept and bred the most stunning red rams id ever seen, i lost the fish eventually and always looked to replace them, the stock available in shops and via the trade were dull, washed out and poor quality specimens. Ive recently aquired some red/gold rams that are equel to or better in quality than the original fish! these show beautiful blue spangling against a really deep red/gold base colour.. Stunning fish.


Apistogramma cacatuoides 'Orange flash' - Very healthy and colourful domestic form of Apistogramma. A ideal starter dwarf cichlid and both easy to keep and breed.

Apistogramma agassizi 'Double red' - Another common and easy to keep Apisto, very colourful double red strain, most fish in the tank have the yellow chest area and a deep red tail, both sexes available!

Apistogramma borelli - Domestic bred fish and only 2 young sexed pairs left, stunning fish and about the easiest Apisto to keep and breed.. Ideal for small planted or biotope tanks!

Apistogramma cacatuoides - Wild caught - One for the purests, wild caught cacs have a certain appeal for those not looking for gaudy colours and those that are attracted to more subtle strains! these fish are freshly imported, well acclimatised and very healthy, they are young adult fish and given time these will be stunning. I already have a pair in a breeding tank!!

Apistogramma norberti - Wild caught - First time on the Peru list this year and i dont think many other sellers have this fish! these are freshly imported wild fish in stunning condition, excuse the picture, it really does not do these fish justice, the males are emerald green and the females a stunning bright yellow. These fish get better with age and are a stunning looking fish!

Apistogramma barlowi - Wild - What can be said about this fish thats not already been said! discovered in 2000 and quickly determined to be at the time the first mouthbrooding Apisto and also first neotropical dwarf cichlid to care for its fry in this manner!! a truely special fish, not commercially bred and only small numbers of fry will ensure that this fish remains a rarity in the hobby, a very special fish. Pairs available.

Apistogramma hoignei - Domestic bred - When i saw that these fish were available i just had to bring them in, i first bought a pair of these fish in around 2007, i failed to breed them at that time and ive never found the species again..Until now. This macmasteri group fish is not the worlds most colourful fish but not the dullest, its greenish body is set off by the brilliant red edges of the caudal fin making this fish a nice addition to anyones collection. Rarely collected from its native Venezuala these fish are not a common sight in the UK hobby. Im certainly glad to have them in the fishroom!

Apistogramma trifasciata - Domestic bred - Beautiful and showy fish, these are the blue morph and are showing good colour, males and females available..


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Hello. Nice looking fish you have there. I'm looking for a trifasciata red female as I think I have a subdued male in my group. Any help appreciated

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