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Apistogramma D47s


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Hi guys, newbie to the forum
I found this page whilst trying to get some more info on D47s i just inherited around 20 possibly 25 from a friend downsizing. I have them in a holding/quarantine at the moment just looking for some tank setup idea's?
Tank size
Group sizes
Thinking of doing a black water tank with lots of wood plants and leaf litter?
Any one with personal experience of these wee beauts with some tips would be greatly appreciated as there's only so much Google can tell you!!

Tom C

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The Apistogramma sp. "D47" is a beautiful fish!
One of my wild males looked like this


We collected them west of Puerto Inirida, Colombia, in the Rio Guaviare drainage, in February 2017.

This was during the dry season, so the water was shallow, hot and very muddy.



pH: 6,39 Conductivity: 173 microSiemens/cm Temperature: 31,0 degrees C

The Rio Guaviare is a whitewater river that drains the southernmost part of the Colombian llanos ecosystem.
When we were there, there was no water coming in or going out of the collection site. But we could see from the surroundings that when the water is higher, the water is connected to the (now) small stream we followed from the main river to reach the place, the water level had been at least 1 meter higher.
The evaporation had obviousely concentraited the salts here, so a bit lower conductivity (and temperature!) would be good, in your tank.

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