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Another Dicrossus sexing and sth about Crenicara


5 Year Member
Dicrossus and Crenicara never entered in my country.

Now, I could manage to get 8 juveniles sold as Dicrossus (just that).

They're in a species tank (TDS: 10, PH: 6.0, tank footprint: 40 x 20 inches, 100 x 50 cm).

Their size range between almost 1 inch up to 1 inch (2 / 2.5 cm) but I don't see sexual dimorfism.

I begin to guess if they're Crenicara.

My questions are:

1) at what size the Dicrossus begin to show sexual dimorfism?

2) differences between Dicrossus and Crenicara at this size?

Thanks in advance


Active Member
In my experience, female Dicrossus may be smaller than males (of the same age) and this is a possible but unreliable way of sexing younger ones.
When they are about 1.5" long, the sexual dimorphism becomes apparent. Until then it is usually impossible to tell.