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Air Pump Suggestion Multiple Tanks

Water Changer

5 Year Member
Looking for suggestions on an air pump to power sponge filters in 6 tanks (30, 29, 20H, 20l, 2 10's).

I cannot afford a linear pump.

I've read some good things on the Eco's, so I am contemplating:

Eco Plus Commercial pumps OR

Eco Plus 8 outllet pumps

Would appreciate your comments on the pumps listed and/or suggestions on other options.


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5 Year Member
I had a lot of luck with these eco-air as far as a decent cheap pump. Remember, most of the cheap pumps claim higher outputs then they can actually give. http://www.kensfish.com/aquarium-supplies/air-pumps/eco-air-pumps.html

If you plan on expanding, then you may consider going with a quality pump. Jehmco is awesome to deal with. They will answer all of your questions and point you towards what you need. I ended up going with their DAPMH 15 pump. I could never go back to a cheapo pump. I did not have enough tanks to make a linear pump worth buying, but as soon as I get a fishroom, that is the way I'll go.



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5 Year Member
Also remember that if you try to use ALL of a pump's air output, you will be constantly adjusting air valves every time a filter or airstone moves up or down the slightest bit relative to the water level. If you have tanks of varying depths it will be nearly impossible to keep air flowing in all of them unless you have a pump that can put out a good bit more air than you actually use. (i dunno how much ... just guessing maybe 50% more? ... i hope somebody here has a better understanding of air pressure and flow than me). I use a Sweetwater diaphragm pump from AquaticEco in FL - its been running maybe 6-ish years on 20-ish tanks. A cut up garden hose and various PVC pipes route the air to the tanks.

Water Changer

5 Year Member
I ended up purchasing an Ecoplus Eight outlet pump for $25.00 from Craigslist.

I'm really happy with the Eco, its inside my cabinet on a styrofoam base - it's very quite and is pushing air to all 6 tanks with no issues.

I'd defiently recommend the Eco.