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Agassizi, a fighting fish??



First of all, thanks Neil for all the answers to my other question :D

I have a friend who has 2 small A.agassizi, he have heard that the agassizi is getting very agressive:twisted: when they grow up.
Is this wright?
Are he going to have troubble with his other apisto's, 2 borelli and soon 2 viejita?


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Chichlids in general fight, one more other less. In most cases results of this fights are not fatal if weaker fish can hide. Give them a lot of hidding places and plants and they will be al right.


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I have a trio of wild Aggie "Alenquer" I picked up at the ACA in Cleveland from Julio Melgar, and these by far have been the most aggressive. If one of the females is on eggs, the other fish make themselves scarce and fast. I think the only thing that saves them is the fact that I have tons of plants in there and they can hide. They only bother the other cichlids tho. I've kept cardinal tetras with them, no problems. I currently have a group of dwarf pencilfish in there, no problems. I try to put Nannacara or a pair of Bolivian rams in there, big problems (For them). I have another trio of Aggie "Flame-Tail" in almost an exact same set up. They only show aggression to each other and don't give any of the others a second look. Could be just the temperment of my wild fish...