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Mike Wise

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5 Year Member
All my fish go into a quarantine tank immediately. I use a Hagen Hang On Holding & Breeding box for acclimating fish. I half fill the box with water from the fish bag (and the fish of course), plug in the air line, adjust to about 1 - 2 drops/second and walk away for an hour or more. Once the box is full and water flowing into the tank, I just dump the water and fish into the tank. Do NOT use this method if (for some reason I don't comprehend) you are adding fish to a tank with healthy fish! Adding water with sick fish can introduce diseases to your healthy fish.


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Hi all,
I have a spare planted tank, it is just he same as all the other tanks, it just doesn't have any permanent inhabitants. When I get new fish I transfer them quickly into the spare tank. I pour most of the water out of the travelling bag, then I carefully submerge it in the "quarantine" tank, let the tank water flow in and hopefully within a couple of minutes the fish will have swum out. If they don't swim out I tip them out after another ten minutes. I leave the light off for a couple of hours and then I feed them with some Grindal or Black worms etc.

cheers Darrel

Ben Rhau

It's been discussed elsewhere on the site, but I also tend to see people recommend more rapid transfer in cases where the bag water is likely high in ammonia/ammonium, e.g., when shipped. Temperature acclimate, then plop/drop.