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A little about me and my hobby


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My name is Jim, i live in Mid-West Indiana, Retired, spend wayyyyy too much time on forums, including my own, and enjoy fishing, collecting North American Native Fishes, and just generally enjoying the fishkeeping hobby.

Ive been keeping fish of about every species including saltwater reef, for a really long time, and have had varying success, :) No not really, my fish never get sick, but my tanks have been running for years, so they are pretty well settled in.

I have a lot of knowledge to share, mostly what works for me, or has worked for me, most you will never find in a book, or on these forums. If i do it and it works, thats how i do it next time.

Will never claim to be an expert, just a plain old guy, that enjoys keeping fish, and helping others in the hobby. :biggrin:

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Anyone looking for Ivanacara Adoketa, Zebra Acaras?
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Prontodelivery wrote on Apistoguy52's profile.
Do you still have the F1 Ivanacara adoketa “red” from the Rio Icana, interested in getting 2 Pairs.
mikishuhoo wrote on Apistoguy52's profile.

Do you still have Apistogramma diplotaenia pairs available to sell? Please advise. Thanks.

I'm clueless. If I say something you can safely ignore it.