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A Agassizii "Fire Red" female or subdominant male?


New Member
Hello all! It has been slightly over a month since I became the proud owner of two "Fire Red" A. Agassizii. In the interim time both of them have been healthy and active and eating normally, however occasionally I have observed one (the male) attacking and chasing the other (the female) around the tank. Additionally I haven't seen any breeding behaviours or eggs from these two, even though the conditions are right for that (right enough for the spawning of some pygmy corydoras which they live with). I am starting to wonder if maybe my "female" is in fact a subdominant male instead -- which would be quite disappointing given the price that these guys go for :( Here's a picture of her/him.



Well-Known Member
Problem with domestic strains of many fish (not just Apistogramma) is, that the natural tell-tale signs are bred out in favour of certain colour patterns, so if any, it might be the form of the fins (dorsal, ventral, anal, caudal) that might help sexing this fish and these are all not really visible in this picture.