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A. abacaxis id


Active Member

I faintly remember that the spots on the tail have something to do with it? My male has these spots.
Mike W might have some info. Did you try to search for info around here?

That´s a mighty handsome male btw! Do you have any females?

Mike Wise

Staff member
5 Year Member
It appears to be the 'type' form from Lago Glemende. The Rio Marimari population shows more extensive spotting in the caudal, including the lower lobe.

Søren K.

New Member
Thanks for the answers!! I have tried to search for id-info here and elsewhere but haven’t had much luck finding any. But I think I get it now.. A227 it is then.

Yes, the handsome male has to females. I have been trying to get them to breed for more than a year but with no luck.. A new approach seems to bring some hope of success though - eggs were laid yesterday. Fingers crossed!!

Best regards, Søren