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45 gallons A. Cacatuoide w/ Pearl Gouramis & Corydoras


Well-Known Member
You could do the pearls with a nice size school of rasboras then some smaller loaches to inhabit the bottom like Kuhli loaches. Then you're getting fish all from the same region and those Pearls will really stand out as the center piece.
It's true that the khulies could be a nice idea!

That was exactly what I was implying when I said pick a bottomdweller from Asia. Besides Kuhlis, Chain loaches (Ambastaia sidthimunki) would also be a nice option. But then there is definitely no room for cichlids anymore. I would really leave them out then.

Personally I would drop the pearl gourami and go with sparkling gourami. Things just work out better with small fishes.
Or the middle way of Honey Gourami. But I think the OP is definitely set on the pearls.


New Member
Correct, the Pearl Gouramis are the main reason for getting this project. I love their size, and their colors, they have something majestic with them.

The chain loaches could be a nice idea, as I already had khulis, so these would be different. It's something I could think about.

To be honest I'd really like to have a small cichlid instead of some loaches, but I have a lot of thinking to do. For sure, if I go the cichlid route I'll definitely discard any ideas of getting more than one.

I think I'll do like you suggested to me : go small at first, observe for months and then decide. Once my tank is cycled, I'll get the schoolers (will most probably go with some Rasboras), then get the Pearl Gouramis, and let it like that for a while.

I'll see how they interract, where they swim, which areas are used more than the others. Once the Pearl get some size, I might realize that the tank is crowded enough already.

After studying the tank for a while it will be easier to decide which species I would add, if I do actually add one.

Jon Webb

New Member
I think the Pearls with the Corys and Rams should be fine. I'd be hesitant to do more than 3 Pearls though because 36" still might be a bit short for 3 unless it's like 1 male and 2 females. If you have a lot of floating plants for cover 3 should be fine though.
I think some people get hung up on gallons for the size but overall foot print of the tank makes a much bigger difference in my opinion. Longer is always going to be better. Best of luck! Love those pearl gouramis. Such beautiful fish.
I love Pearls as well. In the early (and primitive) 70’s I bred them in soft mountain water, and didn’t even know about weekly water changes yet. Had a giant Amazon sword, which loved the undergravel filter and poor incandescent light. I got so many fry I had to raise them in a 30 gallon plastic trash can, then sold them for zip to a LFS. Thank god for substrates and LEDs and water changes these days. Heavily planted tanks are so much healthier.

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Doing water changes.