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30th Carolina Aquarium Workshop


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The Raleigh Aquarium Society Presents

30th Carolina Aquarium Workshop

When: Feb. 13-15, 2015

Where: NC Fairgrounds, James Martin Bldg,

1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh NC 27607

What: Field trip, Speakers, Banquet, Auction - info at http://raleighaquariumsociety.org/workshop/index.html

Friday, Feb. 13: - Field Trip, Meet & Greet

Saturday, Feb. 14: - Freshwater Programs, Banquet

Sunday, Feb. 15: - Huge Auction- Fish, Plants, etc.

(register at http://www.mygroupauctions.com)

Speakers: Paul Loiselle, Rachel O’Leary, Larry Jinks, Stephan Tanner, Lynda Dirk, and David Ramsey

Registration: $30.00.

Info: Chris Smith 919-698-2828, Todd Wenzel 919-791-7352 or email [email protected]

If you miss CAW 2015: Visit our Monthly RAS Meetings, First Thursdays at NCSU Vet School, 7:30 pm.


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Wake Forest NC, USA
For the Friday collecting (field trip) we'll leave from the fairgrounds at 1:00 and get back around 5:30-6;00. We will either go west (around Durham-Hillsborough area) for Piedmont-region shiners, dace, darters, chubs, killifish, madtoms, etc OR we may go south into the Coastal Plain (bluespotted sunfish, killies, mudminnow, pirate perch, swamp darter, pickerel, ghost shrimp, etc). Will depend on weather and what species folks want to catch. I will have a scientific/edcational permit to lead the trip, so you wont need an individual NC fishing license for this trip. You must register for the workshop to attend the field trip. Bring a cooler or bucket if you want to take any fish home.

Talks (Saturday):

Larry Jinks: Dealing with Livebearers -- From the familiar old-standby livebearers that aquarists have loved for the past century to rare and unusual wild species, master breeder Larry Jinks has experience with dozens of Poeciliids, Goodeids, and other families. Livebearers are not just beginner’s fish!

Paul Loiselle: Dwarf Cichlids: Cichlid Power in a Small Package -- The great secret of cichlid keeping is out - there are species able to prosper in twenty gallons of water! This overview of cichlids scaled for life in smaller aquaria focuses on the basic husbandry and breeding of both Neotropical and African dwarf cichlids.

Stephan Tanner: Plecos: Let’s Breed Them Before They Vanish -- The Belo Monte dam on the Rio Xingu put many unique plecos into the headlines. What consequences do we expect and how can we help? Stephan Tanner will discuss the natural history and aquarium care of the fascinating and diverse group.

Lynda Dirk: Water, Minerals and Fish Health -- How do dissolved minerals, hardness, alkalinity, and pH affect freshwater fish and invertebrates? How are various ions absorbed from the water and/or from food? How are different ions used, and how do animals maintain their mineral balance in hard-water vs soft-water? Why is "blackwater" from dead leaves and wood important for soft-water fish? Can salt or hardness cause reproductive or health problems for soft-water species?

Rachel O’Leary: Nano Aquaria: Ins, Outs, and In-Betweens -- Freshwater Nano Aquar
ia, fish & invertebrate species, husbandry, and obstacles to keeping animals and plants in very small tanks.

David Ramsey: Caring for the Cantankerous Ones -- Successes, failures and strategies with a variety of difficult fish species: those that are hard to spawn, hard to keep from killing each other, hard to keep healthy, egg-hatching problems, fry-feeding problems, and other troubles. Lots of videos.

Paul Loiselle: Aquarists and Conservation (after-dinner) -- Tigers, rhinos and pandas aren't alone in facing the threat of extinction. Freshwater fishes world-wide are menaced by deforestation, mining, groundwater pumping, pollution, and introduced competitors and predators. This talk discusses threats to fish habitats and biodiversity, and what aquarists can do now to help save the fishes upon which their hobby depends.

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