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29th Carolina Aquarium Workshop


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The Raleigh Aquarium Society Presents

29th Carolina Aquarium Workshop

When: Feb. 14-16, 2014

Where: NC Fairgrounds, James Martin Bldg,

1025 Blue Ridge Rd, Raleigh NC 27607

What: Field trip, Speakers, Banquet, Auction - info at http://raleighaquariumsociety.org/workshop/index.html

Friday, Feb. 14: - Field Trip, Meet & Greet

Saturday, Feb. 15: - Freshwater Programs, Banquet

Sunday, Feb. 16: - Huge Auction- Fish, Plants, etc.

(register at http://www.mygroupauctions.com)

Speakers: Eric Bodrock, Nick Klase, Gary Lange, Ray “Kingfish” Lucas, Richard Pierce, Richard Rego

Registration: $25.00.

Info: Chris Smith 919-698-2828, Todd Wenzel 919-791-7352 or email [email protected]

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RaleighAquariumSociety

If you miss CAW 2014: Visit our Monthly RAS Meetings, First Thursdays at NCSU Vet School, 7:30 pm.


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The Fri afternoon (Feb 14) field trip leader is me. Some of the interesting critters we typically catch (about 1 hr drive from Raleigh) include bluespotted & blackbanded sunfish, banded pygmy sunfish, warmouth, flier sunfish, lined killie, pirate perch, mudminnow, mosquitofish, redfin pickerel, swamp darter, Roanoke darter, tesselated darter, chainback darter, satinfin shiner, swallowtail shiner, pinewoods shiner, chubsucker, bluehead chub, margined madtom, two-lined salamander, grass shrimp, musk turtle, etc.

And while we're talking about native fish collecting, the NANFA conference (N.Amer Native Fish Assoc) is coming to North Carolina this year, June 5-8 in Crossnore NC (in the mountains about 4 hrs west of Raleigh). Lots of gorgeous darters, shiners, dace, and ugly sculpins up there. See www.nanfa.org or the NANFA Forum.


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If you're coming from out-of-town with someone who's more interested in birds than fish, there's a special exhibit and program on Birds of Paradise at the NC Museum of Natural Science (4 miles from the Fairgrounds) plus other special events and displays as part of their Darwin Day celebration on Sat Feb 15: http://naturalsciences.org/programs-events/darwin-day-2014