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  1. M

    Help choosing my first Apistogramma/Dwarf Cichlid

    Hi All, My first time posting on here. I currently have a 100L tall (70cm wide) South American aquarium for which i am hoping to add an Apistogramma or Dward Cichlid as a feature fish (either a single male or pair, whichever is most appropriate). I've never kept these type of fish before so...
  2. T

    New to Apistos

    Hi everyone! A few months ago I "inherited" a pair of apisto cacatuoides along with a secondhand tank I bought. I was only really after a starter tank for my first tropical fish since childhood so a 12 gallon "Aquaone nano 40" seemed a good option with its built in multistage filter. I had...
  3. S

    Just saying hi

    Hey, New to apistos here. I have a 30 gallon planted set up with a male and female and 4 panda corys ( I know I’ll get someone saying they shouldn’t be in there). I don’t plan on breeding but what happens happens. I have really enjoyed watching behavior. Figured I’d say hi. I’ve been a fly on...
  4. kgazos

    WC Atahualpa trio

    Hello it’s my first time keeping apistos and WC fish. I am thinking of buying a trio of atahualpas because their gender cannot be identified yet due to them not being adults. My LFS is very specialized in wild caught fish and very helpful so they gave me a lot of information about this amazing...
  5. R

    Preliminary research: should I go apisto or a different dwarf cichlid?

    Hi, I am considering getting back in to keeping fish (pending spouse and landlord's approval) and am doing some research on different options. I remember as a teenagere that cichlids were my favourite fish - I had convicts and lombardoi - so all my options are cichlids. One of those options...
  6. Kymmys442

    Hello World!

    Hello all! My name is Kymmy. Im a 4 time cancer survivor, single mom, im newly graduated (last year) in wildlife biology, and after several years, im finally back in the fish world. The last fish i had, were a couple of beautiful German Blue Rams. Ive always loved cichlids and wanted to...
  7. J

    New from Hansville, Washington

    I am getting back to fishkeeping after many years. I’ve spent the last couple of months researching and watching videos. I’ve decided on a 30 long planted, including some botanicals, for a small colony of apisto with a few tetra. What if anything should I add or subtract from this scenario...
  8. JohnAndrr


    Hey! My name is John, I'm thirteen years old and my patents have eventually let me buy an aquarium, in which I'm planning to put some cockatoo apistos!
  9. Zachhubb

    Virginia Beach!!

    I have a pair of A. Cacatuoides which have just hatched their third spawn!!!
  10. Lanny

    Hello Apistee from Canada

    Hi to all Apistee, new to the group and new to those rascal. Currently the proud owner of 2 agazssizii, a pair of abacaxis and (still sexually confusing). nijsseni. Hope to learn more about these rascal and expand the family in the future. Cheers, Lanny
  11. waving-not-drowning

    Greetings from Moscow

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and quite new to keeping an aquarium. I have just acquired a pair of electric blue apistogramma and have just been reading about how easy it is to kill them. Trying not to panic - lol. They're gorgeous so far. Nice to meet you.