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dwarf cichlid

  1. S

    Aquasoil and Apistogramma

    Hello everyone, My currently 2 months old aquarium is starting to slowly stabilize and I'd want to soon start adding some fish in it, unfortunately while setting it up I didn't know exactly what kind of fish I wanted to house (nor really knew anything since this is my first tank, I just do a...
  2. C

    Best killilfish for a breeding apistogramma d18 pair

    Hi. I have a 29 gallon for a pair of apistogramma d18 i wanna breed. They get up to 3.5 inch as far as i know. I love how killifish looks. Is it possible for me to keep any kinds of killifish in my aquarium where i want my apitos to breed and raise fry without being in danger? If then what kind...
  3. C

    Nanochromis splendens

    Hi. I’m new to this hobby. I currently have a pair of d18 in my 29 gallon. ( 5 baby cory and a bristlenose). I just came across these beautiful fish named Nanochromis splendens. So my question is, is it possible for me to put a pair of these together with the d18 in the same tank?
  4. tanks4allthefish

    Hello everyone

    New to the site, hobbyist/breeders. Also on IG : @tanks4allthefish Thought of sharing some new life for a new account and first post... A.Cacatuoides Parents are III Red and have some Orange Flash genetics.