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bolivian ram

  1. P

    Introducing Apistos with Bolivians

    Hi everyone New member to the group and keen to get your collective advice. I have a 55g tank planted with lots of swords, Anubis, and a fair bit of driftwood throughout. Ph at 7, temp at 26c. Currently stocked with a school of 11 flame tetras, 2 bristlenose cats, and 4 Bolivian rams. I was...
  2. N

    can a Bolivian Ram eat too many snails and die from them?

    Aloha all, I cannot see any other cause of death to my guy??? His color was good, eating but preferred baby snails and cory fry that are hatching constantly..........had recently added ram snails as he was keeping my bladder snails so in ck I needed more fsnails for some of my Anubis leaves. He...
  3. Tbot2021

    New to Dwarf Cichlids

    Hi, I am currently in the process of cycling my 60 gal aquarium that I got for Christmas. I am new to dwarf cichlids and would like to stock it with a Cockatoo, electric blue ram, rainbow krib and Bolivian ram. Is this possible? I am thinking I would have a single specimen of each species...
  4. Bruston87

    Cacatuoides and Bolivian Rams

    Hi all Forgive me if this has already been asked, but has anyone got any experience of keeping the two together? I have a pair of cacatuoides in a 55g and am wondering whether this would work? The tank is fairly heavily planted and lots of driftwood in there too. So sight lines would be ok. And...