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  1. Miss ATV

    Sudden extreme aggression in male Cacatuoides

    Hi all, Turns out my male A.Cacatuoides has decided in the past 48 hrs that his biggest enemy in the tank is his female partner. They have some fry with them, about 3.5 weeks old which both parents started to ignore in the past week. I saw the parents tail flicking a few days ago in the morning...
  2. Miss ATV

    Ammonia burns?

    Hi all, So yesterday morning I woke up to a pretty big ammonia spike in the tank. Needless to say the 2 week old fry from about 60 they have been reduced to about 10 and I am not surprised. I overfed and turns out my filter which is relatively new (4 months) and was rated quite highly as...
  3. Miss ATV

    Sick cory?

    Hi all, Please would you be able to offer any insight if you have seen before or know what this is? One of my dwarf cory cats looks bloated in my 5 gal tank. She acts normal still eating and swimming around but I can see she's not looking right. They received a hikari wafer yesterday so I...
  4. Miss ATV

    Cacatuoides fry alert - please advise

    Hello everyone, So turns out my lovely little Cacatuoides pair's spawn was successful because I can see the female out with the tiniest little fry today. I had given up on them as it has been over 8 days since she spawned today being the 9th one and so I am quite taken by surprise. My water...
  5. Miss ATV

    Tank mates with ultra chilled Cacatuoides?

    Hi there, I was wondering if you can please advise me regarding what I could possibly keep in a 64L tank with one male and female Apistogramma Cacatuoides. Currently they are living with 6 Penguin tetras which have become massive from gorging on all the food and too boisterous and nippy. I...
  6. Miss ATV

    My first apistogrammas

    Hi all, I am very new to keeping Apistogramma. I have 2 (1 male and 1 female Cacatuoides) in a 15gal tank together with 6 Penguin tetras. The current male I just got from an excellent online shop. Originally I had purchased a male&female from a local pet store and the male was much smaller...