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    apistogramma ID

    Hi all, Could anyone of you provide me with a certain ID for this female? Was bought in a batch of wildcaught bitaeniata Rio Nanay, but clearly isnt. I assume it came in with the same shipment so possibly also Nanay, but can't be certain. I'm thinking in the direction of panduro, nijsseni...
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    black spots on crenicichla compressiceps

    Hiya all, A while ago I obtained 4 crenicichla compressiceps, which have recently started to develop black spots on their bodies, see pictures below. I have been reading here and there that this may be caused by a virus or bacteria, and is either contagious or not. My...
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    teleocichla sp.

    Hiya guys, I recently obtained 5 teleocichla sp. They are seldom available in the Netherlands, and information is more than scarce. They are doing very well, but I was wondering if anyone has some experience in keeping these pretty little cichlids. I'm not even sure which exact species they...
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    breeding crenicichla compressiceps

    Hi guys, I have a couple of these fish for a few months now, and got them to spawn last week (thursdaynight). The information about spawning these fish is very sparse and contradicting in some cases as well. Has any of you ever spawned these fish before? Can you give me some proper details? I...
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    new member

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I'm Rémon, live in the Netherlands, 23 years old, student animal science & aquaculture at university. I have 3 tanks at the moment (in a small student room, so kinda stuffed); 160cm, 100cm and a nano in which I fool around a bit. Hope to enjoy my stay...