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    Looking to buy a male triple red cacatuoides

    Hi all, I am having trouble looking for a triple red cacatuoides to buy. eBay has them but they are overpriced. Anywhere I can buy one them from?
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    My female cockatoides is darker in color and hiding between branches, is this normal?

    Hi, I wanted to make sure my female triple red cockatoides is doing well. She is usually swimming around my planted tank but recently her colors have darkened, dorsal fins are folded in, and hiding between branches. Is this normal behavior, is something wrong? Just want to make sure shes ok...
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    Can you help me sex these two?

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    I was considering going a pair of triple red apistogramma

    I would love some advice from those who have kept them successfully. I have a 15 gallon heavily planted , community, low tech tank, with soil substrate. I treat my tap water, I live in Los Angeles, with dechlorinator and ammonia remover. My PH is about 7.2, ammonia at 0, and nitrates < 2ppm. I...