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  1. Jeremy Anderson

    A. sp. D50 - another larvophilous mouthbrooder from Colombia

    Really nice pictures, Frank, I've been meaning to say so.
  2. Jeremy Anderson

    A. sp. D50 - another larvophilous mouthbrooder from Colombia

    Hey, that's pretty cool! Nice work so far. I'm working on something similar for freshwater, targeted at catch-and-release fly fishers. I will try to post more about that here when we are nearer to launch.
  3. Jeremy Anderson

    A. sp. D50 - another larvophilous mouthbrooder from Colombia

    Holy cow, what an amazing species! I love the google map, more folks should be doing that, and not just scientists. A team of dedicated hobbyists could collect a lot of good data on behalf of science using tools like Google Maps.
  4. Jeremy Anderson

    Newb with fry!

    I'm pretty new to fish keeping, I set up my first aquarium in April, I think. Nonetheless, things are going swimmingly. ;) I recently had my first batch of A. agassizii "Fire Red" fry, and I am a little shocked how many have survived. I counted 77 in the attached photo, by printing it out and...
  5. Jeremy Anderson

    Best fish for dither use while breeding

    My black neons are aggressive as heck, I wouldn't think they would be good around fry. I am surprised by that response, but that's good to hear. I had some glowlight tetras with my aggies for a while and more than one got killed for wandering close to the spawning site. Nannos are probably a...
  6. Jeremy Anderson


    I would try typing with proper capitalization, that should improve your fry survival rates. Seriously, though; Water changes water changes, water changes, 10-15% daily. I am not sure why you are having trouble. You need to post all your water parameters and environmental details if you want...
  7. Jeremy Anderson

    Apistogramma Sp. D33

    Very nice, thanks for sharing the pics, they look great!
  8. Jeremy Anderson

    I'm Rae.. and I'm an o'fish'al fish-a-holic!

    That's a nice bunch of dwarf species, best fortunes to you.
  9. Jeremy Anderson

    33 gallon long - Dicrossus filamentosus and friends

    That's a lovely tank! I have a 33 Long cycling now, was thinking I might keep a breeding group of Apistos in there someday, but undecided which direction to go with it. If I go with a biotope yours will serve as inspiration, I love it.
  10. Jeremy Anderson

    Red hongsloi

    Did so, just after posting that. Thanks again, Mr. Wise.
  11. Jeremy Anderson

    Hello Mr. David Soares! I am over here in southwestern Idaho, I am very interested in your...

    Hello Mr. David Soares! I am over here in southwestern Idaho, I am very interested in your animals, I want to know more. I might even make a drive out to Sisters to learn more, if that were a possibility. I have had trouble using aquabid to contact you.
  12. Jeremy Anderson

    Red hongsloi

    ApistoDave on Aquabid has A. viejita and hongsloi for sale. His site seems like it is associated with Dr. Römer, I am not hip to the scene yet, but oh my, @apistodave exists here too. He seems legitimate, so are those real viejita? (debates on the value of the concept of 'species'...
  13. Jeremy Anderson

    Hello from Portugal

    Bemvido, jotaerre. I am new here too. I love my ramirezi and I really like the macmasteri group, please keep us updated.
  14. Jeremy Anderson

    Red hongsloi

    That's how I understand it as well. I saw some for sale on "awkward bid" a week or two ago, I don't remember now if they were international or not. Likely to be macmasteri if not, I know. Thanks for your replies, everyone.
  15. Jeremy Anderson

    Red hongsloi

    I get that, I meant trying to find some actual viejita. I like those redneck macmasteri too, but, shoot, I like them all. Thank you for keeping me straight on it, nonetheless. I ended up starting with 4 captive bred agassizi "fire red" - I will probably only do wild form Apistos in the future...
  16. Jeremy Anderson

    Red hongsloi

    I like the wild-type amount of red, oh heck, I don't know what I like. Now I'm looking for honest-to-goodness A. viejita, which may be a fool's errand. There are a lot of nice new Apistos on the Wet Spot pricelist, particularly for anyone near the west coast of the US.
  17. Jeremy Anderson

    Hello from Leeds, England!

    lol, nice avatar. Welcome, I'm new here and new to Apistos! I don't even own any yet, but I'm getting ready!
  18. Jeremy Anderson

    Red hongsloi

    I seem to have an affinity for hongsloi, I don't know why, I just like them. I see a few for sale, but not many. The ones I have seen so far are showing bright pink and yellow colors, but I prefer the ones with brick red, ones that lean closer to wild-type, I have seen. I would love to find a...
  19. Jeremy Anderson

    Apistogramma id confirmation

    I just love macmasteri! He original poster's fish is lovelt, and Tom C, wow, that's a stunning wild type!
  20. Jeremy Anderson

    Acclimating. Which way is really best?

    I instinctively agree with you, even though all of the steps that one reads in the standard procedures popularly published in "the hobby" seem to be counter to this. I don't really know anything, just saying what my inclination is.