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  1. Rolo

    New name for old friend: A. unipectomaculata

    Hi, Some interesting scientific news about the old problem with A. macmasteri and A. viejita. Unfortunately I guess it takes 30 years again to find its way into peoples minds. ;-) Taxonomical revision of two colombian species of Apistogramma (Teleostei: Perciformes) with redescription of...
  2. Rolo

    Apistogramma kullanderi

    Does anyone have the new description of A. kullanderi, Varella & Sabaj Perez, 2014 published in Ichtyological Explorations of Freshwater? I guess it must be the formerly known A. sp. "Gigas" Regards, Rolo
  3. Rolo

    newly described: Apistogramma ortegai

    Hi, there's a new species description. If I see it right, the new species includes what we know as A. sp. "Pebas" and A. sp. "Papagei/Papagallo". Apistogramma ortegai (Teleostei: Cichlidae), a new species of cichlid fish from the Ampyiacu River in the Peruvian Amazon basin RICARDO BRITZKE...
  4. Rolo

    A. sp. "Miuá"

    Hi, Finally after a long time, we have A. sp. "Miuá" back in germany. I'm so happy... really nice fishes! best regards, Rolo
  5. Rolo

    WTB: Apistos in UK, Norfolk (Schwarzkehl or other)

    Hello Mark, Steve and all the others from England. I have a possibility to organize a transport for fishes from UK (Norfolk) to germany on easter-monday. Does anyone of you still have A. sp. Schwarzkehl/Black-Throat? I'm especially interested in this species, but you can offer other...
  6. Rolo

    New species: A. sp. "Diamond Face"?

    Hi, Mimbon Aquarium in Cologne (Germany) importes a few specimen of a new Apistogramma species from Rio Jutai, a southern tributary of the Solimoes in Brazil. They call it Apistogramma spec. "Diamond Face". Pictures are available on the Mimbon Homepage The habitus reminds on A. barlowi...
  7. Rolo

    Quiz... the last part

    Hi everybody. Now, here is the third and last part of my little Identify-Quiz. Again it's more difficult than the last, but I hope, that some more people have the heart to take part than last time. Try to identify as much as you can, it doesn't matter, if you have no idea or if you make...
  8. Rolo

    Quiz... part two

    Hi all, Well, after finishing the first quiz pretty well (I'm really impressed!), here comes the second one. ...and it's getting a bit harder now ;-) Have fun! ...and don't forget: please try, not to read the answers of the others ;-) greetings, Rolo
  9. Rolo

    A little Quiz...

    Hi guys, just for fun... can you identify all fishes? ;-) Books are allowed... but don't look at our homepage, that's too easy. ;-) ...and try to answer without reading the other answers before. Make it by your own. ...it's more interesting. It doesn't matter, if you know just a...