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  1. J

    Sexing A. hippolytae

    I've a question: I saw that some hippolytae I think are males have a pattern on caudal fin. On the other hand, some (the smaller ones) doesn't have that pattern. Females of A. hippolytae does have that pattern. Didn't find females pics. Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Another Dicrossus sexing and sth about Crenicara

    Dicrossus and Crenicara never entered in my country. Now, I could manage to get 8 juveniles sold as Dicrossus (just that). They're in a species tank (TDS: 10, PH: 6.0, tank footprint: 40 x 20 inches, 100 x 50 cm). Their size range between almost 1 inch up to 1 inch (2 / 2.5 cm) but I don't...
  3. J

    Apistos from Manaos, Brazil. ID, please

    Theese Apistos came from Manaos (north of Brazil) with some A. pulchra. Really, I don't have any clue
  4. J

    LFS in Miami, Florida

    I'm in Miami for 5 days attending a conference and I want to buy dwarves, shrimps and plants, do you know a good fish store around here? Thanks in advance
  5. J

    Nannacara aureocephalus breeding tips

    I've a nice group of adult N. aureocephalus (5M+4F). I'm looking for some advice on the "furniture" of the tank. Where they're prefer to lay eggs?, slate, caves, big leaved plants? It' s a nice size of tank (60" x 20"). Thanks in advance.
  6. J

    A. barlowi -differences between two variants-

    I bought 15 months ago 8 A. barlowi from Chris (Amazon Tropicals). They turn to be 4 pairs!! I believe they`re all the "blanco" (white) variant. A month ago I bought 20 (very small) A. barlowi directly from an importer. Yesterday, I observed them very carefully while displaying and I...
  7. J

    ID strangest eunotus complex I´ve seen

    I bought this fish from an importer who decided to work in another job. In a tank there were 9 A. sp. "Rotpunkt", 5 A. agassizii, 1 A. panduro and the pictured fish. Taking in account the mixing of the tank, it could be a colombian o peruvian fish. First of all, the fish seems to be a...
  8. J

    ID probably A. sp. "Oregon" (A182)

    Recently, I bought from the importer these 6 fishes wich all of them turns to be females. The only thing I know is that they are from Perú (wildcaught, of course) I mean the one who is in front: In these 4 pictures they´re about 2 inches (5 cm)
  9. J

    A. viejita from Peru

    The local importer sent me a mail yesterday asking me if I´d like to buy a "closed bag" with 40/50 wildcaught A. viejita (I don´t mind if they´re type I or II) from Peru. Of course, I know that A. viejita comes from Colombia. Any ideas?, does someone knows what fish is sold in Peru...
  10. J

    Breeding A. barlowi

    Two months ago I bought from Chris (Chris1932) 4 pairs of A. barlowi. One week ago I saw 6 little critters swimming around one yellow female. Parameters: Tank: 20Lx20Wx16H (50cmLx50cmWx40cmH) Fishes: 1 Pair of A. barlowi, 1 Pomacea bridgesii, 1 Nannostomus marginatus Temp: 23º at...
  11. J

    ID probably A. sp. "Masken" A52

    Recently I bought 11 wildcaught Apistogramma sp. from Peru. I think they´re A. sp. "Masked/Masken" A52. Here are 2 pics of a male (the other fish is an A. eremnopyge female, I know)
  12. J

    Excellent shape although the long trip

    I bought some days ago 4 pairs of A. barlowi and 10 juvies of Nannacara sp. "soururu" from Christian. They travel more than two weeks and, after that, they arrive home. All of them are alive and in very, very good shape. So, I thank him and his efforts in doing this possible!!!
  13. J

    Trouble id A. cf. eunotus females

    I´ve something about 5 pairs of A. cf. eunotus "orange tail" from different populations (A73, A74 and A76) and 3 pairs of -what I think- A77 and A79 and I found very, very difficult to id the females of all of them. Any tips? (I thought to mix them all and look very carefully which female...
  14. J


    That´s all I´ve to say to David Soares who ship some fish to Argentina for me. Thanks a lot PS: David, I´ll send you an email.
  15. J

    I need Ivanacara adoketa

    I want to buy 10 juvies of I. adoketa. I´m from Argentina.
  16. J

    New acquisition for the A. cacatuoide community tank

    I´ve a community tank for the A. cacatuoide and I bought 5 individuals of this beauties which will share cacatuoide´s tank. They´re Otocinclus cocama and I paid U$S 12 for each directly from the importer.
  17. J

    ID3 and ID4

    I´m here again. This time with two different fishes. Fish # 1 I think he is the less colorful form of A. sp. Masken; also known as A. sp. Perú-regani. Fish # 2 I think it´s a female A. bitaeniata. I´ve doubts because I mixed her with 3 different A. bitaeniata males...
  18. J

    ID 2 -A. cf. eunotus "orange-tail" A75 again

    This pair (again, very prolific) was sold as "A. Huallaga" when they´re less than 1 inch (2 cm., actually). First I thought -because of the name- they could be A. atahualpa; but, once more, I think they are A. cf. eunotus "orange-tail" A75 (as the previous pair I showed some days ago). Pair...
  19. J

    ID 1 -A. cf. eunotus "orange-tail" A75

    I´ve this -very prolific- pair: I think they´re A. cf. eunotus "orange-tail" (A75), although they were sold as A. cruzi. Male: Female:
  20. J

    M. A. sp. "steel-blue" / F. A. commbrae

    Just to tell you that 1 male A. sp. "steel-blue" get paired with a widow wildcaught A. commbrae. Although it wasn´t my intention, they spawned and now I´ve 30 fries. Of course, they will never leave my tanks (I don´t want to sell nor give hybrids).