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  1. J

    Sexing A. hippolytae

    Forget about it. Finally, I could sex them (at least I have 2 females, 3 males and 3 not yet determined)
  2. J

    Sexing A. hippolytae

    I've a question: I saw that some hippolytae I think are males have a pattern on caudal fin. On the other hand, some (the smaller ones) doesn't have that pattern. Females of A. hippolytae does have that pattern. Didn't find females pics. Thanks in advance
  3. J

    Another Dicrossus sexing and sth about Crenicara

    Thanks Mol. I will begin to feed them just live food in order to accelerate their growing.
  4. J

    Apistos from Manaos, Brazil. ID, please

    Thanks, Frank. Now, they're in one of my tanks
  5. J

    Another Dicrossus sexing and sth about Crenicara

    Dicrossus and Crenicara never entered in my country. Now, I could manage to get 8 juveniles sold as Dicrossus (just that). They're in a species tank (TDS: 10, PH: 6.0, tank footprint: 40 x 20 inches, 100 x 50 cm). Their size range between almost 1 inch up to 1 inch (2 / 2.5 cm) but I don't...
  6. J

    Apistos from Manaos, Brazil. ID, please

    Theese Apistos came from Manaos (north of Brazil) with some A. pulchra. Really, I don't have any clue
  7. J

    NLS Cichlid Pellets - Worth it or an expensive way to dirty your tank?

    Almost 75% of my fishes are wildcaught and I am very lucky with Repashy (Meat pie "flavour"). A few weeks after they are in my tank, I give them NLS (small sinking 1 mm -I think-). And 3 days a week they eat live Enchytraeus albidus (white worms) and 1 day a week, they eat bbs.
  8. J

    Apisto's sleeping hours

    It seems to be A. trifasciata
  9. J


    Good idea!
  10. J

    12 week old A. trifasciata male?

    I agree with wethumbs. For me, it's a male
  11. J

    Apisto species ?

    Some of them. I've no doubt than borelli, commbrae and trifasciata could breed in such temperatures
  12. J

    My Apistos (Pics)

    Really nice shots! (and fishes, of course) I'm going to tour country (Thailand) in a copule of months, could you give me the address of some LFS (I want to buy dwarves and plecos)? Thanks in advance
  13. J

    LFS in Miami, Florida

    I'm in Miami for 5 days attending a conference and I want to buy dwarves, shrimps and plants, do you know a good fish store around here? Thanks in advance
  14. J

    Apisto ID?? Sold as Trifasciata 'Maciliensis' (Again!)

    He is a ver beautiful A. trifasciata. Reminds me as the ones which could be caught in the northerm extreme of Argentina (near the limit with Paraguay), it's slighty different (in the coloration of the dorsal fin and operculum) of the ones caught 500 km to the south.
  15. J

    Nannacara aureocephalus breeding tips

    Thanks Haakonh, i will put lot of plants and bogwood. By the way, I've a school of 10 Nannostomus eques and 1 Farlowella sp. (caught by myself).
  16. J

    Nannacara aureocephalus breeding tips

    I've a nice group of adult N. aureocephalus (5M+4F). I'm looking for some advice on the "furniture" of the tank. Where they're prefer to lay eggs?, slate, caves, big leaved plants? It' s a nice size of tank (60" x 20"). Thanks in advance.
  17. J

    best substrate for apisto's and rams.

    I always use plain sand (remember they're eartheaters). On the other hand, the A. agassizi is not a substrate spawner but a cave one.
  18. J

    Send Mike Wise to ACA 2011!

    Hi Ted, It has been long time since my last visit to the forum (lot, lot of work). I do want to donate to send Mike to the convention but I don't remember how to. ¿Could you explain it? Thanks
  19. J

    apisto bitaeniata & cacatuoides

    100% with Bilbo.
  20. J

    Help with blog? Sources?

    Mike, you wrote about a subject that worries me, I don´t know where to find the articles you mentioned and, of course I couldn´t manage to know about the Apisto´s news. There´s no problem with the books. Could you give me a clue?