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  1. Bilbo

    Breeding tank setup

    I rearranged my tanks and now have 4 specialist blackwater breeding tanks. 600 x 300 x 350 tall Each tank has an overflow with two outlets to prevent floods if one gets blocked. Water is continuosly pumped up from the sump and into each tank through a canister filter with bio media...
  2. Bilbo

    A. hongsloi

    Just got a pair of hongsloi. I missed out when they first came in but someone bred a few and I was extremely lucky to be allowed to buy some off her. I am really excited :biggrin: Hope I can breed them to keep them going here. They look like wild colours but even 1/2 grown the male looks...
  3. Bilbo

    Diet and Colour

    I wanted to ask a question on this quote from another thread. What would apistos eat mostly in the wild and how much difference does diet and hardness make to colouration in the home aquarium?
  4. Bilbo

    ID and Sex please

    I am sure I already posted this today but it seems to have vanished. I bought some fish labeled eunotus a few weeks ago. I have kept a similar fish once before but these have different markings so I wanted someone to please ID them and let me know if I have a pair please. Male (35mm long)...
  5. Bilbo

    Cute cac fry

    Couldnt resist putting this picture of cocktoo fry all hiding under the sponge.
  6. Bilbo

    Salt Bath?

    Is it possible or advisable to do a salt bath with apisto’s? With discus the recipe is 200grams of salt in 10ltrs of water until the discus falls over or floats to the top (Usually 10 minutes or so). Then immediately remove to a fresh tank or new water. This is supposed to be very good...
  7. Bilbo

    Age of maturity

    I should know this so sorry for the newbie question. At what age usually does a male agassizi start showing his true patterns and fin shape? I have had a fish in the past that I thought had either been a sleeper male or had had a sex change at over 2 1/2 years old (See here) Next...
  8. Bilbo

    Dicrossus filamentosus

    We have just had notice that some very cool company has imported a limited number of Checkerboard Cichlids into the country. I have seen these only once before and then only males. They are $40 each and to small to sex and only 15 total have been imported. I have been told that if I get 2...
  9. Bilbo

    Camellanus again.

    I hate this bug. I have had this before and lost loads of apistos and rams with it. War has begun! Got the Aviverm (24% Levamisole) yesterday and treated 2ppm but worms didn't die and retreated back into him after 30 hours of meds so did 100% water change and re treated at 4ppm...
  10. Bilbo

    ID Please.

    I got given this piece of equipment and have no idea what its supposed to test for. Anyone seen one of these before. My guess is conductivity but nothing even close to accurate. Any information would be great. The only info on it is what you can see and it has "Made in Portugal" on the cap.
  11. Bilbo

    Illness ID and help please

    I cant put pictures up for these as both fish have died already but hopefully to stop it happening again. I know diagnosis is hard without pictures so I will do my best to give as many details as possible. Carbon and then Peat filtered rainwater, pH 5.8, TDS about 80 - 100. Temp 27c All...
  12. Bilbo


    I am having real problems getting these to spawn at the moment. Any useful tips and tricks? I have 2 pairs, one in a 100x50x50 and one pair in a 600x300x300. pH 5 very soft and heaps of oak leaves.Just coming into daphnia season so heaps of that and other live food incuding white and...
  13. Bilbo

    Borelli's Back!!!

    Just been confirmed that yellow face borellii are in New Zealand again. After months maybe even years of a few of us hunting and ringing every shop in the country that claims to have borellii only to find sp. Steel Blue we finally have confirmed sighting of some real ones. I havent got a...
  14. Bilbo

    Sex Change?

    Has anyone witnessed a genuine sex change in Agassizi? 2 years ago I got 6 young Agassizi and as they grew they all seemed to be female, I acquired 2 males at one stage but they both have long since died and lasted only about a month. All of them have been definite female size, colouration...
  15. Bilbo

    Question Extravaganza

    I have read a lot recently about different theories and wanted advice from the expert audience. I have never kept fish for any other reason than to enjoy keeping them but I need to start covering costs due to a major financial issue recently. Or risk loosing most if not all of the tanks. I...
  16. Bilbo

    Worst find

    Has anyone else had this happen. 2 days ago... Yesturday, choked to death eating his girl friend after eating all but 10 off the fry in the tank... My favorite fish and my favorite pair
  17. Bilbo

    Finally got some Panduro. I think

    I got these as a pair. They look like 2 girls to me. What d'ya think? Sorry Im not much of a photgrapher
  18. Bilbo

    My Setup's

    Criticism welcome. I am looking to breed from these so if there is anything clearly wrong I would rather know about it. Bitaeniata Tank 1000x500x500. 2cm peat under 4 - 5 cm of small stones. Temp 27, GH and KH more or less nil, pH 5 - 5.5. 1 male, 2 females, 1 young BN and 2 bronze corries...
  19. Bilbo


    Hi everybody. I new here so thought I should introduce myself. I am from New Zealand (Any other kiwi's here?????) I have a small fishroom that has only 8 tanks currently. A tank each for A. Agassizii (1000x500x500h 1 male 5 females), A. bitaeniata (1000x500x500h 1 male 2 females)...