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  1. tuna

    Apisto Identification

    Copadichromis borleyi red fin
  2. tuna

    Mike Wise's amazing 2017-revised list of more than 400 species / forms of Apistogramma

    spp. is simply the plural form of "sp." or species
  3. tuna

    N. America Freeeee apistos! !

    Sent you a PM
  4. tuna

    Are they still available I live in carver MA

    Are they still available I live in carver MA
  5. tuna

    I,m also from MA would like to know in which town this new store is opening in.

    I,m also from MA would like to know in which town this new store is opening in.
  6. tuna

    [Question] Is this a female of Apistogrmma panduro?

    To me it looks like Nijsseni
  7. tuna

    is my apitso agassizii really breeding pair??

    They all look female to me.
  8. tuna

    Hockey baby

    Boston Strong
  9. tuna

    Apistogramma Masken for sale or trade

    My avatar has the inka facing the wrong way not the best and the Masken I don't have any pics of. There is a good pic of one on this site new fish described http://www.apistogramma.com/forum/index.php?threads/new-species-apistogramma-paulmuelleri-sp-n.14689/
  10. tuna

    Apistogramma Masken for sale or trade

    .5" A. masken for trade or sale .5" A. inka for trade or sale Carver, MA
  11. tuna

    Free Fish!

    No longer orphans they have been adopted.
  12. tuna

    Free Fish!

    They just came in 5 of them made it so I'm happy as hell. And I want to thank you again and will buy from you in the future. Thanks Tom
  13. tuna

    Free Fish!

    Thanks Dave could you give me the water parameters the fish are in. Thanks Tom
  14. tuna

    Free Fish!

    OK Thanks Tom
  15. tuna

    Free Fish!

    I'll get a check out to you right away I hope it won't be to cold to ship. Would you need a little more money for a heat pak? Thanks Tom
  16. tuna

    Free Fish!

    Tom Lemist 51 cedar drive Carver, MA 02330 Do you use paypal if so what is your account name. If not how do I get the money to you? Thanks Tom
  17. tuna

    Free Fish!

    I would be interested tell me how much zip 02330 Thanks Tom
  18. tuna

    Apistogramma baenschi “Inka”

    [/IMG][/IMG] These apistos were wild caught from Peru as adults and lived almost 4 more years and the fry never exhibited the spots.
  19. tuna

    Will apisto pebas hybrid with apisto inka50?

    I tried a pair of each in a 30 gal breeder tank and found my Inca's on the floor almost lost them. I had another 30 gal. ready just in case. Both pairs bred a week later.
  20. tuna

    Making room for discus......

    To bad I would have taken some fish off your hands and you could of sold the rest.