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    New Apistogramma Species List from Mike Wise

    I'm sure this will become an incredibly valuable tool!! Thanks for all your effort Mike! Regards G!
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    Crazy A. Borellii ... then dead?

    I think the source of your BW is more the issue... A lot of the farms in Asia grow their BW in large ponds to harvest them, but other 'bugs' and things can grow here too. It is suggested that certain bugs can survive the freezing process, and in fact infect your fish once eaten. I had an...
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    Any Pics of Agassizi 'Blue Tail'??

    Thanks Mike. G!
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    Any Pics of Agassizi 'Blue Tail'??

    I don't think they are the ones? As I say though, I only saw them on arrival, and they had not coloured up fully. They are also very young fish, so the males are only just becoming 'easily' noticable. The black lateral line is still very notable on the ones I saw, and extends deep into the...
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    Any Pics of Agassizi 'Blue Tail'??

    This is my very question too Mike? I believe that this may be similar if not hte same as an American bred strain called 'Bluetail Red Top', but again this shows up just as few a number of results? Have you heard of those? Regards G!
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    Any Pics of Agassizi 'Blue Tail'??

    Yer, unfortunately, I am unsure of the actual origins of this fish? I saw one as it arrived, so it was not fully coloured up, but they appear to have an orange caudal with a blue/black rim. The body colouration is very basic, but with a wonderful blue tinge to the scales. Not irredesent, but...
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    Any Pics of Agassizi 'Blue Tail'??

    Hi folks, I have been offered some Ap. Agassizi 'BlueTail' and am struggling to find any pics on the interweb. Just wondered if any of you good folk had kept any, and more particularly if any of you have any photo's you could share of them? Also, does anyone know what their origins are...
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    Apisto ID?? Sold as Trifasciata 'Maciliensis' (Again!)

    THings have settled down quite nicely now! One of the females spawned, although that spawn did not seem to get properly fertilised, or at least all the eggs calcified, but as a result, the male has calmed down nicely! The 'yellow' female is keepin him in check, so he only occasionally chases...
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    A."steel blue"

    Ap. Sp. Steel Blues are actually very hard to sex, as the colouration and markings are very similar between Male and female. Only when the females enter their breeding colours are they easily identifiable. Sometimes the 'neon blue' across their sides is not as intense in females, but this is not...
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    pinstripe Apisto

    Thanks Tom! Very interesting! Regards G!
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    pinstripe Apisto

    Any chance of a pic of them Mike? I know you are busy, but I'd really be interested to see these? Regards G!
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    Apisto collecting in Itapeaçu

    Shame bud!! Better look next time!! You'll get them in the end I'm sure? Regards G!
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    Male or Females?

    I'd agree with Dave... two females, but as Mike says, without clearer pics, its hard to be certain? I would say that the colouration is fine if they are females? Find a nicely coloured Male to breed them with, and you could have some real beauts! Maybe try getting some clearer pics...
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    Ap Borellii Breeding Advice (Experts Needed)

    As Sasikan says, if you are looking to breed them, get tehm into their own tank. If not, then what exactly is your question? Is it how do you stop the 'lesser' female from infiltrating the 'dominant' females territory? I would leave them be (assuming breeding is not what you are looking to do)...
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    Dicrossus maculatus

    Such pretty little things! Really wish they were more readily available in this part of the world! Best of luck with raising them! Enjoy! G!
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    Apisto Combinations?

    One more Question... Is this book above the 'DATZ' book that everyone refers to? Regards G!
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    Apisto Combinations?

    Ok, so I need to find the original first then.... Could you PM me the cost of your translation (assuming you do not want to place it on open forum) and how we'd go about everything? Regards G!
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    Apisto Combinations?

    Thanks Mike, Would I be able to get your English Translation in South Africa or as an e-book to download? Regards G!
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    Apisto Combinations?

    Haha! No prob Mike! I guess I asked for it?! I do actually struggle to read 'real' books, as I am slysdexic, and often find reading on the net a lot easier. I do have a good few books, but they are mostly just profiles and parameters of the actual fish, with very little about compatability or...
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    Apisto Combinations?

    Hi Linus, Thanks for the info, some useful stuff in there! I'm not sure if I would consider myself a beginner though? Although I am relatively new to Apisto's, and constantly learning, I have been breeding Caca's, Agassizii and Ap. Sp. 'Steel blues' for over a year and a half, and had quite...