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    i keep a trio of F1 "masken" from two years ago they did breed occasionally when they where younger i keep them like i always did in pure RO water , PH 5,5 , KH < 2 , GH < 2
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    Nannacara aureocephalus

    very nice to see species that do not come up too often are they as easy to breed and thrive as the nannacara anomala are ?
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    don't go holidays in Greece

    five dogs hunged alive two weeks ago in SITIA - CRETE - Greece and shocked every dog , animal and nature friend in Greece the following link shows the cruelty http://anergoidimosiografoi.blogspot.com/2009/05/5.html For the most Cretes the citizens of the island of Crete it is something...
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    Diverting a mosquito problem

    i had the same problem in my fishroom The solution came with some spiders that came in by them selves and created their nets at the corners of the fishroom and they ate all the mosqitos then i caught a specimen of a gecko species that is endemic in greece (Hemidactylus turcicus)...
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    Crenicichla regani with fry

    very very nice , how many are the fry ?
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    Female eating her egg

    hello it is not impossible to eat her eggs especially if it is her first spawn , but are you sure that she is not just cleaning them ?
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    Fresh Water Brine Shrimp

    i tried them a couple of times but their hatching rate was really poor and if i remember correct they were slightly bigger than bbs anyway if you try them i would like to know what happened georgedv i searched for the pet shop you asked me and unfortunately doesn't exist anymore but if...
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    Heikos Discus Book

    it is just a super book :eek: i think that every page of it is a must read
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    hatchet fish species

    thank's Ed you were more than helpfull
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    Nannocara anomala

    i have a trio in 50 litres and they breed from time to time but the second female eats the fry when the mother chases the dither fish nannostomus eques
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    hatchet fish species

    hello everybody i have a non cichlid question for today :) how many species of hatchets exist ? i have only found two but saw photos that show more species are there more than two ? thank's , Nick
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    Herotilapia multispinosa

    i have a pair of ex-herotilapia ( ? ) http://www.cichlidae.com/gallery.php?genus=Archocentrus or Archocentrus multispinosa in a 80cm tank with two female guppies and their offspring as dithers for 6 months now but they haven't spawned till now i think they must be the most peacefull fish...
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    [Pics] ..... hehehe

    because of the black colour of the fry i think it is not apistogramma fry and by looking the parents fin in the last photo i think it is adoketa fry ?
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    Tucanoichthys tucano

    http://images.google.gr/images?q=Tucanoichthys%20tucano&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:el:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi :)
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    Taeniata?? I think?

    you can watch the anal fin , if the fish has 3 hard spines at the anal fin then it is Apistogramma but if it has 4 or more (?) then it is Apistogramoides and i think it is Apistogramoides pucalpaensis
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    Mikrogeophagus ramirezi habitat

    thank you for the answers TTW do you know the water value of these collecting spots ? ste12000 i have just sent you a pm
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    Mikrogeophagus ramirezi habitat

    hello :) i am trying to find some information for the M.ramirezi habitat but all i found is only that they are from orinoco system. do they occure in all of this system ? i don't think so as it is huge , so does anyone knows exactly the location they are from ? thank's in advance
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    Need help

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: seeing again i think that the masken has a black pattern at the belly , this fish does not
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    Apistogramma Agassizii

    if you can see through the eggs then they are not fertile , the eggs of the apistogramma are yellow to red or redish (? ) what is the kh and the GH of your water ? do you use any PH buffer ?
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    Need help

    what is correct and you should now is that your fish is apistogramma sp "masken" and that it is in the regani group and regani complex the apistogramma regani is another species and yes , you got into the chaotic world of apistogrammas identification :rolleyes: