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  1. Phile

    Where to find aquarium safe clay pots

    I would also recommend giving the pots a good soaking and a good rinse before placing them in any tank. You never know what the pots have been treated or stored with. If you have very rare or valuable fish, it wouldn't hurt to drop the pots into a tank with some cheap fish-like zebra danios or...
  2. Phile

    Apistogramma agassizii or cacatuoides

    Storage containers make great tanks, especially for breeding. I have a rack of them in my garage on a sump system. They are easy to drill with a wood auger, and you can make simple overflows and bulkheads with PVC. They are easy to clean, bleach, and store when not needed. I am using a large...
  3. Phile

    New guy with 30-40 Linkei fry

    I have also kept daphnia in the past, and I would like to start again. I have a large, plastic storage container that I keep in my backyard. It is on the north side of the house. I have it positioned so that It gets a few hours of full sun a day, but a lot of shade. I put a few leaves in it, and...
  4. Phile

    Who can give me a picture of the apisto sp D50

    That's similar to what I tell my buddy, a pathologist. On an annual basis, there aren't that many new diseases discovered. So, every five years they rename them all, so that we practitioners have to defer to them.
  5. Phile

    New guy with 30-40 Linkei fry

    I completely agree. BBS take a little more effort, and if you're gone for a few days, it takes at least 2 days to get a culture up and running. However, if you're caught off guard with sudden fry (the fish got frisky when you weren't looking :)), You can get BBS going a lot faster than...
  6. Phile

    New guy with 30-40 Linkei fry

    Brine shrimp are easy to hatch and raise if you can get the eggs easily. All that you need are a small air pump, some air line tubing, airline T's and 1 valve for each bottle, 2-3 one liter bottles, some plain salt (no silica or other additives- I use pickling salt, its cheap and available at...
  7. Phile

    How to get a breeding pair of A. Cacatuoides?

    If you ever get a breeding group of apistos, the angelfish will appreciate all of the little appetizers that they produce.
  8. Phile

    Cacatuoides Harem or pair

    You need to make it look like a jungle. That will be good for the fry also. They will have a lot of places to graze on in the first few days. If you're serious about getting fry, you should have either a microworm culture started, or a brine shrimp hatchery ready to start.
  9. Phile

    Breeding in a Community Tank

    You don't necessarily have to buy tanks. Get some large clear plastic storage containers and a couple of cheap sponge filters. You can even make your own sponge filters if you have to. Start running the sponges in the existing tank before the fry hatch and while they are still young. Then when...
  10. Phile

    Lake Glemende biotope

    Very nice pics and fish. If these fish like a pH of 3, what pH are you maintaining them at? What are you doing to lower pH? Vinegar runs between pH 2.0-3.0. I've only seen pickled herring in that stuff.
  11. Phile

    4 Females 4 Spawns 1 Tank

    I have never tried to move any, but I would think that once the fry are free swimming and eating BBS they would be OK to move. Put them in a tank with gentle water flow and sponge filters. Some big wads of Java moss for them to hide in and feel secure would be good also. Najas grass works also...
  12. Phile

    4 Females 4 Spawns 1 Tank

    First of all, whatever your wife is doing, don't let her stop. She seems to have a magic touch getting fish to spawn. I'm in awe that you could get her to do water changes. Maybe you could rent her out to other breeders. Second, those of us who have had many tanks and fry containers at one time...
  13. Phile

    Cacatuoides Harem or pair

    Oak leaves should work OK for you, and also chestnut, since they are in the same family. Just be sure that you collect them from areas that have not been sprayed, or that receive agricultural runoff (may contain herbicides and pesticides). Ask around in your area. There ought to be other cichlid...
  14. Phile

    Feeding Issues

    I don't know where you are, but around here frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms are usually easy to get and the fish love them. When the weather warms up I'll give them live mosquito larvae and daphnia.
  15. Phile

    Cory and Apistogramma?

    Just because they are found in the same body of water does not necessarily mean in the same biotope. Rivers and streams have fast water and slow water, riffles and holes, structure and open water. In addition, fish may occupy different locales at different times, based on whether they are...
  16. Phile

    Apistogramma gephyra

    Beautiful fish and pics. I want some of those.:)
  17. Phile

    Position of the coconut shell

    You don't have to use a coconut shell. Many people do just out of convenience. You can build a perfectly acceptable cave out of rocks, Flat shale type rocks are very good for this, you just have to keep the opening small. The cats shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially if you keep to...
  18. Phile

    Apistogramma with a tattoo?

    looks like 004 to me. is he with MI6 by any chance? :)
  19. Phile

    Borellii vs. Macmasteri

    I've also kept borelii as a pair in a species-only tank and they did fine.