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  1. Ben Rhau

    One of my apistogramma

    If anyone has a lead on whether Koslowski is available for close to retail, I’d love to know. Saw a used one listed, but it was $400.
  2. Ben Rhau

    Sick cory?

    Darrel is 100% on my list of "must read." I didn't know about PlanetCatfish but will definitely join, thanks for the tip!
  3. Ben Rhau

    Sick cory?

    You can hang a net breeder in the main tank or set up something similar with a tupperware container to allow flow with the tank. Corys tend to eat their eggs, which is why people separate if they want a good survival rate. I've never raised fish from eggs before but lots of folks here have and...
  4. Ben Rhau

    Sick cory?

    Most cory breeders remove the eggs, not the mom. (The eggs are surprisingly sturdy.) Ask on the Planet Corydoras Facebook group, there are at least a few hastatus breeders there.
  5. Ben Rhau

    Macmasteri or Veijita

    They look like macmasteri to me
  6. Ben Rhau

    How much BBS is too much for fry?

    Just three small tanks in my bedroom, so nothing too crazy. :) I have personally not seen it happen, but it's certainly possible. The batch that survived for me definitely stayed close to mom for the first several weeks, so i don't think any amanos could get near them. I've never heard of...
  7. Ben Rhau

    How much BBS is too much for fry?

    Hi Lexi, Mine would probably be what Mike calls "ugly" apistos, so I'm not trying to raise large amounts of fry that I can't place. I have 5 juveniles at the moment growing out in the 20-long with the parents. My overflow tanks are ready to receive new fish, so I will likely move the male to...
  8. Ben Rhau

    Demasoni Cichlid tank

    These are all mbuna. If you've never kept cichlids, I would recommend a larger tank (at least 150l, preferably larger) and the more peaceful mbuna species like Electric Yellow (Labidochromis caeruleus) and others of that temperament. You can get a similar color profile to the demasoni in...
  9. Ben Rhau

    Cacatuoides fry alert - please advise

    If given enough surface area for gas exchange (shallow container) BBS will stay alive for 3 days in the fridge. I use petri dishes or tissue culture flasks for this purpose.
  10. Ben Rhau

    Looking to buy a male triple red cacatuoides

    I would bet that $65 price includes shipping. Overnight shipping is going to be $35 - $50, which makes that price a lot more reasonable.
  11. Ben Rhau


    It's been discussed elsewhere on the site, but I also tend to see people recommend more rapid transfer in cases where the bag water is likely high in ammonia/ammonium, e.g., when shipped. Temperature acclimate, then plop/drop.
  12. Ben Rhau

    Floating plants: Do I need to remove the submerged ones?

    Update: For the salvinia minima, more light was the answer, so I’m slowly switching over my tanks to higher output lights. Everyone is getting 0.5ppm iron now, as well, which my water sprite and crypt are happy about. Red root floaters: Struggled in the beginning, but I’m successfully...
  13. Ben Rhau

    Dither fish

    I've been keeping Amano shrimps with cf. resticulosa and the shrimp seem to survive fine. I wonder if they also affect the availability of infusoria, but it probably depends on the tank.
  14. Ben Rhau

    Dither fish

    Have you had a similar experience with amano shrimp?
  15. Ben Rhau

    Dither fish

    I hadn't thought of that, and it makes sense. I'd always thought it was because, although pygmy corys can occupy multiple levels of the tank, they tend to rest and forage at the bottom, where they aren't welcome during breeding time. They're not a predator to the fry, but they aren't smart...
  16. Ben Rhau

    I have eggs! a. cacatuoides, first spawn

    Brine shrimp are pretty easy and more nutritious than microworms and vinegar eels. The hatchery dish you showed works great if you have a small number of tanks, say, less than 5. I have one and hatch every 3 days, since BBS is excellent food for the adults as well.
  17. Ben Rhau

    Preliminary research: should I go apisto or a different dwarf cichlid?

    Natural methods will definitely tint your water, but it doesn't have to be to an extreme degree, especially if you mix it with untreated water. Some people like it darker. I do not, so I don't go overboard on the tannins. Driftwood is effective also, especially since you can add so much more...
  18. Ben Rhau

    Preliminary research: should I go apisto or a different dwarf cichlid?

    Hi Redeemed, I'm relatively new, but went through a similar process as you, and this is what I've learned here: 1. It would help to know the conductivity or TDS of your water (if you know one, you know the other). (a) Because apistos need low conductivity to induce spawning and (b) to...
  19. Ben Rhau

    Emails Fixed!

    Hey Josh, are you going to adjust your spam filter? There's a lot coming through these days...
  20. Ben Rhau

    What did he bring home?

    The Wet Spot no longer lists A. ortegai (pebas) on their stock list, so you might be out of luck getting more from them. Aquatic Clarity might have it.