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  1. Apistomaster

    How to delete conversations

    I can't figure out how this new format works. I want to delete all the conversations.
  2. Apistomaster

    What type of A. agassi or is it something similar?

    I bought a pair as Tefe but they are not quite what I associate with a Tefe Aggie. Looks like Apistogramma cf. agassizii Ampiyacu to me. Pair
  3. Apistomaster

    2011 F1 fancy plecos from apistomaster

    2011 F1 fancy plecos from apistomaster Hi my pleco seekers. I still have L134, now formally described as Peckoltia compta and well known as the Leopard Frog Pleco and the handsome, Hypancistrus sp L333 for sale this year. Please note my supply of L134 is not as numerous this year as they...
  4. Apistomaster


    I managed to get a decent photo of one of my A. trifasciata. An almost 5 month old male. Easy to see why this easy to breed and quick growing species is my most recommended "beginner's Apisto" but I'm no beginner and they are among my favorite species. The are not demanding of any particular...
  5. Apistomaster

    Wanting to trade A. trifasciata pr.s for pairs of other Apistos

    I have a few young spare Apistogramma trifasciata spawning pairs I am willing to trade for other pairs of Apistos. I will trade trios for trios. I mainly want popular and colorful species/forms. I am open to more Fire Red A. agassizi and A. agassizi Tefe. Opal A. borelli. A. hongsloi Super...
  6. Apistomaster

    L134 and L333 Pleco special

    Here are some photos of the F1 Plecos I have on sale until April 15. Buy 6 and get one more free. Reserve the special price buy a $50 deposit Shipping/postage is extra. We will decide together when the weather is safe to ship. Normal prices are 6 L134 Leopard Frogs for $240; this sale get 7...
  7. Apistomaster

    Clever idea

    Marle, username on www.aquaticquotient.com forum, uses an excellent technique for removing unwanted dither fish after Apistogramma have spawned in a small flower pot. Before disturbing the brooding female, a larger flower pot is placed over the smaller one allowing the removal of dither fish you...
  8. Apistomaster

    F1 Leopard Frog Plecos for sale

    Examples of my Leopard Frog Peckoltia I have for sale. Yes, they really are this beautiful. They only grow to about 3-1/2 inches. They are not alga eaters but more omnivorous with a definite carnivorous leaning. They eat all sinking carnivore tablets, Spirulina and Earth Worm Sticks. Also love...
  9. Apistomaster

    A. panduro solid yellow females

    Hi All, I received 6, 1/4 inch A. panduro fry last summer which are now nice adults. The one thing that surprised me is that all my females are solid yellow except for the head stripes and normal trim colors of the unpaired fins. Is this a pretty common color variety? In the past my female...
  10. Apistomaster

    A. cacatuoides Triple Red X Gold F1 progeny

    I made the above cross of the two morphs and the resulting fish turned out to be really pretty. Besides that, they are recessive for Gold so when they are bred together I should get back my Gold strain. I have a few pairs set up so it won't be long before I will get to find out what they will...
  11. Apistomaster

    Apistogramma cf agassizi Tefe'

    Many wild specimens of these have been available and I plan to buy a group of six or more. I haven't kept these before. I have done well with wild Blue form A. agassizi. Does anyone think I should know anything about their care and breeding that may be different from other wild A. agassizi? I...
  12. Apistomaster

    Discussion- wild vs mass prouced Czech Rep Apistos

    I believe the majority of the so-called German Apistogramma are actually raised by Czech breeders. It appears to be a cottage industry involving many small breeders who sell to a major exporter. I have been keeping Apistos long enough to see them go from wild caught assorted Apistogramma...
  13. Apistomaster

    Apisto females brooding black worms.

    Hi Everyone, I have been having problems with my female Apistogramma's not spawning but taking up station over patches of black worm tails waving out of the sand. This has been occurring with my borelli, baenschi, and iniridae. They take this seriously all the way to turning full brood care...
  14. Apistomaster

    D.fialmentosus eggs fungusing

    I have been trying to breeding AND raise this species since 1970. Not a continous effort, of course but perhaps every eight to ten years I give them a try. I keep at them because they are much more challenging than Apistogramma species and because they are a lovely fish. I also don't need as...
  15. Apistomaster

    Apistogramma baenschi "Inka"

    I just ordered two trios of young "Inka's" from apistodave and so begins the rebuilding of my Apistogramma collection. I've just been maintaining A. borelli through several generations for awhile keeping my Apistos at less than zero. I'll have them next week. I will begin accumulating a few...