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    wtb nanacara's or crenichila orinoco in Ct. area

    Hi I am looking for nanacara taenia,aureoocephalus,or laetacara adoketa,dorsigera,flavilabris,curviceps, and crenicichla orinoco If You hav any of these please pm me thank you:cool:
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    Laetacara Dorsigera

    Hi all I am looking for a pair or fry If you have any please pm with a price thank you will pick up in tri state area or if you ship will be good Laetacara dorsigera thank you
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    anybody bringing any dwarf cichlids to the n.e.c

    just wanted to know if anyone was bringing dwarfs to the n.e.c or if anyone is going from this site in cromwell ct.
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    wtb a male boreli (blue steel)

    Hi I am looking for a male (blue steel apisto) In the northeast area will drive If you got one I have been looking for one in ct but no luck
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    maximizing fry growth and survival

    Hi just wanted to here ideas on maximizing my fry's survival and growth I curently have borelli bluesteel apisto ,caucatoids and melgar fry. I am feeding them newly hatched brine, crushed flakes and frozen brine water changes once a week at 20 % I hope this is right and if not some opinions and...