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  1. peterK

    Wild Ap. sp. Tefe

    Beautiful picture of a very nice specimen.;)
  2. peterK

    baenschi / inka /inka 50?

    This is one and the same fish. A. sp. Inka/Inka50 used to be the trade name for what is known today as Apistogramma baenschi.
  3. peterK

    fish from Asian style tank vs that from Western world natural tank

    As other have pointed out, results from this (interesting, though) test won't be reliable. First, "western type tank" usually is not a small nano cube aquarium, rather a standard 45-60L (for a pair). Second, it's almost always furnished with much more decor, lot's of dead leaves and wood that...
  4. peterK

    Collecting in Río Tigre / Río Pucacuro 2010

    Wonderful report Tom, thanks a lot for sharing. C. spirulus were gorgeous, did you bring some of them home?
  5. peterK

    Lets Talk Dicrossus

    My D. maculatus have probably spawned - I suppose it by mood of bigger female, she has taken half of an aquarium, attacked both male and female, and had her pelvic fins coloured up nicely. But today she shows no agression, so it wasn't a successful spawn.
  6. peterK

    Lets Talk Dicrossus

    I've lost my bigger male recently, probably due to congestion in his intestines. Anyway, situation looks even better in the tank as smaller male, not being terrorized now tries to attract females all the time:)
  7. peterK

    Lets Talk Dicrossus

    Wow that old mac looks great! Such "elderly" dwarfs aren't seen very often. And my males: I was recently affraid that the dominant male is getting too aggressive. But now smaller one became active as well. Nice sight to see. Perfect fish for comeback to dwarfs:)
  8. peterK

    I'm back!

    Wow, long time no chat indeed:) About the pics I have no idea actually... Maybe you have imageshack photos switched off in your browser...:confused:
  9. peterK

    I'm back!

    I've no idea. You have to ask Ruki, as he is the one who got them for me. They are starting (especially the bigger male) to show some colors: :biggrin:
  10. peterK

    I'm back!

    My fav pic so far:biggrin:
  11. peterK

    Lets Talk Dicrossus

    Thank you:) Male turning the leaf over And female checking what he has found out there
  12. peterK

    Lovely photo of my male Apistogramma macmasteri

    Nice colors indeed!:)
  13. peterK

    Lets Talk Dicrossus

    I got two pairs of D. maculatus and first I can say they are not shy at all. I'd say, they are rather "careful" than shy. So far my favourite behaviour is leaf turning - both males patrol the new territory and turn each leaf over - sometimes they quarrel which one should pick some Cyclops...
  14. peterK

    I'm back!

    So, as you can see, the DCKA disease* didn't passed away from my organism:) Here it is, the 180L tank typically furnished with wood from Ruki (:wink:) and, since yesterday, a home for two pairs of D. maculatus: And poor (so far) pics of the fish: Males Females *Dwarf Cichlid...
  15. peterK

    Lets Talk Dicrossus

    I've had a Filamentosus pair and they weren't shy at all. Possibly because I got 'em from my friend who has kept them for quite a while (fish I got were fully mature). Anyway, I didn't succeed in breeding them, as water was not that much acidic. Beautiful fish indeed, male was shining like a...
  16. peterK

    Apistogramma pertensis? Adult male ID

    Hudson, Are you planning a short trip to Poland maybe?:wink:
  17. peterK

    Help with blog? Sources?

    20,000,000 zlotys is a good amount of money (for me at least). $1 = 2,8PLN:wink: Or Dave thought about zlotys before denomination - that wouldn't be that much anymore.
  18. peterK

    Help with blog? Sources?

    It seems I've deleted my message, Sorry. Anyways, I'm affraid that price of re-sold German copy wouldn't cover the new one:biggrin:
  19. peterK

    Rio Tapajos Video

    and I'm going to have one of those beautiful species from Tapajos in my tank soon... Happy:cool:
  20. peterK

    Interesting and disturbing at the same time

    Ted, My Wouri pair did lock lips, not very often but they did. I was surprised by that fact, too.