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    How many dwarf neon rainbow fish

    How many dwarf neon rainbow fish can you put in a 17 gallon if you can Only tank mates are 1 male apistogramma hongsloi
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    Dwarf neon rainbow fish

    Can I keep 6 dwarf neon rainbow fish in 17 gallons with one male apistogramma
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    Apistogramma tank

    Hi I want your opinion on this tank I want to set up female and male apistogramma hongsloi breeding 4 ottos 7 dwarf pencilfish a heavily planted tank fine sand When the apistogramma breed I will take out the fry and put them in a different tank Would this be possible and what would you add...
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    Apistogramma jumping

    Hi Is it commen for apistogramma hongsloi to jump I found him dried up on the floor He was my First apistogramma so that is not the best start but detirmined to keep going
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    Breeding siblings

    Can you breed sibling apistogramma hongsloi
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    First apistogramma

    Hi I just got my first apistogramma It is a juvenile hongsloi iii super red and was added to the tank today and was just wondering if it is not maybe a female I am super excited for these apistogramma I am also getting a female in about 1-2 months and want to take a shot at breeding them I...
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    Can you get the male before the female

    Hi I want to get apistogramma hongsloi but they only have males at the moment they are still quite small woul it be possible to get the male and later to get the female if so how big is the time gap for hongsloi before the cant breed any more
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    Hi I just found a local breeder selling macmasteri and hongsloi form iii what d you guys think I should get keep in mind I want to breed them
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    How do you guys acclimate your fish and introduce it to the tank
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    Paring apistogramma

    Should you put a few juveniles together so They make pairs or will they breed if you just put a male and a female together ?
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    Grow out tank

    Hi I am knew to breeding apistogramma so how big should a grow out tank be for one spawn of apistogramm panduro or cacotoides till they are a sellable size And how big for more then one spawn. Thanks in advance for whoever replies
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    How long does it take cacotoides fry to be able to be sold

    How long does it take cacotoides fry to be a sellable size. And if I want a pair sould I buy like 4 juveniles and let them pair off. Btw sorry for so many questions.
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    Selling Apistos

    Is anyone in Southern Africa selling apistogramma any species
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    Cacotoides tank

    This is a 15 gallon planted tank and was just wondering if it is good enough for a pair of cacotoides 7 dwarf pencilfish and 4 otocinclus
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    Dither fish

    Hi I am new to keeping apistogramma I have a 15 gallon tank and I wanted to keep a pair of borellii but can’t seem to find them anywhere but there are cacotoides pair so would it be possible to keep them permanently to breed with 7 dwarf pencilfish as dither fish