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    Does temperature affect sex ratio?

    I just got my first spawn of cacatuoides and the temp was 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Will this affect the sex ratio? If so, what temp will help me get a more equal sex ratio?
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    My first spawn! What next?

    My apistogramma cacatuoides orange flash just spawned! I’m see what happens and if fry hatch I plan to put them in a breeder net in the tank that hatched in for a few weeks. After that they will go into their own grow out tank. Is that a good plan? I’m just happy they spawned bc I know they are...
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    Is this gonna turn out bad?

    I have a trio of apistogramma cacatuoides in a 20 high community tank. I’m changing that high to a long tomorrow and I’m taking the high and setting it up just for the trio. I’m taking a seeded sponge filter and some media from other tanks. I will add some drift wood and Indian almond leaves. Is...
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    Make a female apistogramma fighting?

    I have a female apistogramma cacatuoides double red in my 20 gallon and I got a pair of orange flash today. My male orange flash and female double red are flairing at each other. The double red female has been in there for almost 3 weeks now.
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    What combination would this make?

    So I have a female apistogramma cacatuoides double red and my lfs only has the orange flash cacatuoides. What would happen with a male orange flash and a female double red? Would the dry be different?
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    Can peat moss help me?

    So I lost my apistogramma today and I am greatly saddened. My ph out of the tap is 7.8-8. I had a pair and now only a female. I want to try breeding them again but this time in their own tank. It would be a 20 high with 1, maybe 2 pairs. I would get drift wood to release tannins and Indian...
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    NEED HELP. My apistogramma looks bad today

    My apistogramma isn’t looking too good today and his stomach looks very large. He isn’t eating. He has been staying on the bottom. Is it a parasite? How do I treat this?
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    Really want to breed some apistos. NEED HELP

    So I just went to a lfs and they had Apistogramma cacatuoides double red. They are selling a pair for $40. I would like to breed them. My ph is around 7.8 usually and and Hard ish water. Can I breed them? I have a 20 high community tank but it has a kribensis. I also have an empty 10 gallon but...