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    Agasizis died, cockatoos are doing great

    Are the Agassizi's just more fragile? They seemed to hide all the time and after a while were just scared and running away from everything in the tank. Then they started to bump into things and looked dazed and confused... It didn't seem like any fish in particular were picking on them... I'm...
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    Apistos Cross Breeding?

    I read somewhere online that Apistos can and will cross breed. Does anyone have any info on this? Are the offspring sexually viable or sterile? Doe anyone have pics?
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    New memeber and lifelong aquaholic coming back after a 15 year hiatus.. It's my son's

    Not really, But he thinks it is :) Either way, there was a point in my life when I have 7 fish tanks going at once :) Our new 40 gallon tank has been cycling for about 6 weeks and just received it's first water change. I'm running a bit more filter than recommend and ammonia is almost all the...