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  1. themountain

    What to eat... while away

    No need for a feeder !;)
  2. themountain

    Boil Leaf Litter?

    Just give the tank(and the fishes) a rest...dont worry about some poop ...Jesus.. Get some snails ..they will take care of this . A handful of Salvinia or Pistia and everything will be alright ;)
  3. themountain

    Boil Leaf Litter?

    Wow...sqeaky clean ... I would reduce the light a bit or chuck some floating plants in it .... Nice hardscape though;)
  4. themountain

    Boil Leaf Litter?

    I would like to have your trust in seller.... anyhow ...a minute or two in boiling water dont degredate the "ggod stuff" in leaves ...I am pretty sure about that.
  5. themountain

    Boil Leaf Litter?

    I always boil them for a minute or two...you are never sure what happened with them before in the park ;)
  6. themountain

    WAC Collecting Tour to the south of Cameroon in February 2022

    Due to a cancellation there is one seat available on the WAC Collecting Tour to the south of Cameroon in February 2022. On this tour we will go to the southern part of Cameroon where we will stay for a whole week the explore the surrounding river systems of the Dja, Ntem and Lele. This whole...
  7. themountain


    Who ships live fish in wintertime ?? o_O:mad:
  8. themountain

    Apistogramma Agassizii Gold Blaze breeding project

    I am strictly against multiplying those artificial forms ...sorry :confused:
  9. themountain

    Best Plants to Create Territories

    Everything in masses will do ;)
  10. themountain

    Fish collecting trip

    CONTACT PERSON Francisco Pin CONTACT DETAILS STINGRAY AQUARIUM Calle Las Malvinas S/N Caserio Rumococha , San Juan Iquitos Peru 2003-08-01 [email protected] Tel: +51 1 9979 25299 checkout this article to get an idea --->...
  11. themountain

    Fish collecting trip

    PS...even next year it will be complicated to travel to Peru...thanks Covid ;)
  12. themountain

    Fish collecting trip

    1. Company 2. The company will take care of this 3. Iquitos is awesome and reasonable priced 4. Usually Apistos are hardy when it comes to transport....scalares are not ! 5. from good to complicated : Pikes+Apistos, Tetras, Loricaria, Knifefish 6. First get a reverse osmotic water system , then...
  13. themountain

    A. atahualpa

    I really like your tank ! How big is it ?
  14. themountain

    Water Flow Issue?

    Most Apistos usually do not appreciate too much water flow...thats my experience.
  15. themountain

    Kribs sex ratio determination?

    Found this on this matter ...https://www.seriouslyfish.com/sex-ratio-in-kribensis-influenced-by-environment/
  16. themountain

    Kribs sex ratio determination?

    Well...my educated guess would be maybe temperature...there are studies on Killi and Cichlids that this certainly hasan influence.
  17. themountain

    Copella callolepis (sensu Zarske)

    Looking forward to that!!:)
  18. themountain

    Carbon Affects pH?

    My carbon block filter does nothing to my pH----> in 7.7 out 7.5...barely noticeable
  19. themountain

    How to decrease pH?

    You could buy some purified water and mix it in when you do waterchange...125l doesnt sound so complicated to deal with. How hard is your tap water anyway?
  20. themountain

    How to decrease pH?

    Certainly right but for every ° KH consumed by hydrochloric acid, the conductivity increases by approx. 11 μS / cm and per half of the KH the pH decreases by 0.3 units..so the you have to do the math to the water you have . There is probably no way around a cation/anion exchanger when your water...