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  1. Richard Tyll

    Need a Guru to answer a question

    The answer about a larger air pump is a good suggestion! I know I must use an oxygen tank to breath myself due to having COPD. It helps me to breath while I'm sleeping. I was born in Michigan alongside the lakes. When I moved out here, I found it harder to breath due to the altitude.
  2. Richard Tyll

    Need a Guru to answer a question

    Thank you very much for answering my question! I realize it was an obscure question, that's why I began the title with GURU. I've often wondered about atmospheric pressure & the depth of the Ocean/Lake having an effect on fish or mammals.
  3. Richard Tyll

    Need a Guru to answer a question

    Is there any difficulty/concerns keeping/breeding Apistogramma at High Altitudes, like 8000 feet & above? I live in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, just above Yellowstone National Park. My Home resides at 8000 Altitude. Given that most all Apistogramma live at or near Sea Level, should I...
  4. Richard Tyll

    Are Long Tanks better for S.A. Cichlids?

    Thanks, Mike Now, any suggestions on how/where to obtain a proper size tank? I live in such an isolated area I'm used to having most purchases delivered. My backyard
  5. Richard Tyll

    Are Long Tanks better for S.A. Cichlids?

    I am just beginning to research equipment & fish species to set up a tank in my home. I used to have a 50 gal. tank with African cichlids 20+ years ago but, life changes led me to abandon keeping fish. Now I'm retired, divorced & living alone so, I'd like a new hobby to enjoy. I've become more...
  6. Richard Tyll

    Hello from SW Montana USA

    My name is Richard and I am returning to the hobby of fishkeeping after 20+ years. I am slowly accumulating all the necessary equipment & supplies for my two tanks. I have one Tall 20 gallon tank & one long 50 gallon tank. So far I've put together the 20 gallon tank and am cycling the water. I...
  7. Richard Tyll

    Returning to fishkeeping after 20+ years

    Returning to fishkeeping after 20+ years