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    Selling Chromidotilapia kingsleyae

    I've had two back-to-back spawns by a pair of kingsleyae that Ted brought back from Gabon a while back. Let me know if there is an interest and I will adjust the number of specimens that I grow out accordingly. The fish at small and shipping within the continental U.S. would take place in spring.
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    WTB: Steatocranus sp. brown pearl

    They were briefly available about a year ago. I ended up with all males and look for a female or two. Anything goes: straight-out buy, make/female swap, or trade. Shipping to zip 68516 required. Thanks.
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    Coconut shells

    Perhaps you guys are doing this already, and I am way behind the curve. I just got me a large box of 200 coconut shell halves for just $50 plus shipping from coconutking.com. The guy shipped very fast and the shells are clean.
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    Nanochromis splendens WC

    Gerald, I got two pairs from the same shipment. They trace back to Oliver Lucanus in Canada. I already had one spawn, but the parents ate the entire fry within a couple of days. Next time, I'll be smarter. Janos
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    Hemichromis cerasogaster

    Larry, I figured you wouldn't be able to resist, given your longstanding interest in the genus. I am not crazy about Hemichromis, but the cerasogaster are pretty cool and haven't been available for several years. I picked the breeders up on a trip to Germany. I passed along some juvies to Steve...
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    Hemichromis cerasogaster

    For those Hemichromis lovers: I put a group of cerasogaster up for auction on aquabid, including a picture of the female.
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    Current in stock... Nov 26

    I received a shipment of Westies from Ted today. Great quality & rare opportunities. Don't miss out! Janos
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    Stray current

    I never worried about stray current caused by aquarium equipment, until I replaced a heater the other day. Later that day, the fish in the tank were not feeding well and just hovering at the bottom of the tank. The temperature in the tank was the same as before. The next day the fish were very...
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    FS: young sexed pair of Teleogramma depressum, very rare

    I have an auction going on aquabid for a young pair of Teleogramma depressum. This is a very rare opportunity. Shipping available within continental US. Check it out!
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    Hello Duc, Do you still keep Steatocranus sp red eye? I lost most of mine and am trying to...

    Hello Duc, Do you still keep Steatocranus sp red eye? I lost most of mine and am trying to increase the size of my group. Thanks. Janos
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    N. America WTB: Steatocranus sp. red eyes

    I lost most of what was left of my aging red eyes breeding group due to a filter failure. Does anyone still keep this species and has some to sell? Thanks.
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    Taking fish out of the U.S.

    I've brought fish over from Europe to the U.S. on numerous occasions. My next transactions is shaping up as if it was going to be a trade, i.e., I would need to bring fish from here to Germany in order to get (some of) the fish I want to bring back. Has anyone any experience with export...
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    Update and Incoming Order

    Jeff, Thanks, but I do not want to add transvestitus to the reverse trio that I currently keep. I think I will wait for Larry to spawn the thomasi. :-) Janos
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    Update and Incoming Order

    Jeff, I'd be interested in about anything unusual from West Africa that you can get. Janos
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    Steatocranus sp. Kwango River

    Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, but that's the best I could do last night. You may want to download the paper by J. Schwarzer et al. (one of Uli's collaborators) from the web; it was published in 2011 in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology and includes images of many of the "new"...
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    Steatocranus sp. Kwango River

    I took some pictures this afternoon, but will not have the time to transfer them to my computer until Sunday. I will let you know when I have them ready for you or will simply post them here. The pics aren't great. I have more patience with fish than with the camera.
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    Steatocranus sp. Kwango River

    I have spawned a variety of Steatocranus and never had a problem using tap water, which is pretty hard around here. I am keeping two small groups of the Bulky Head (ID'd by Anton Lamboj) in two different tanks, but have not had any luck breeding them yet. Keep in mind that Steatocranus are cave...
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    Steatocranus sp. Kwango River

    I checked with Uli Schliewen in Munich, Germany on your behalf. He is the guy who collected many of the new Steatocranus species and spread them widely among hobbyists in Europe. Turns out, Uli is out of the office until the middle of November; probably collecting in Africa. I will let you know...
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    Pelvicachromis sp. aff. subocellatus

    Larry and others, You may have seen the seller on aquabid who is selling them. Steve T and I split an order. They arrived in mint condition. I think there actually is an auction up and running right now. Janos
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    Collecting in Florida?

    Lisa, To the best of my knowledge there wouldn't be any legal issues with keeping them in my home state, Nebraska. It is getting cold enough in winter that no tropical fish would stand a chance of survival. I think that what Larry was getting at is that one couldn't catch them in Florida and...